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Dr Balwi with the NEO FUE preparation set for a perfect hair transplant

NEO FUE is a revolutionary invention. Specially developed by Elithair, it allows you to strengthen the roots of your hair in preparation for the operation.

The principle of this formula is to nourish the hair follicles with plant stem cells, which is further enhanced thanks to a dermaroller.

A worldwide exclusive that you can only enjoy at Elithair.

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Benefits of the NEO FUE Hair Transplant Preparation

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With NEO FUE, your hair roots are nourished prior to the transplant procedure.

This way, they are prepared to withstand the shock of the hair transplant and also recover much faster.

Our Worldwide Exclusive NEO FUE medical support

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The remarkable benefits of your NEO FUE treatment are based on carefully researched scientific data.

The dermal microenvironment of the donor and recipient area is stimulated and blood circulation is optimised by this unique process.

This has the effect of vitalizing and strengthening the hair follicles in the donor area. These are supported by the serum enriched with plant stem cells.

Your recipient area is also perfectly prepared for the insertion of the grafts and their subsequent growth.

Calculate the price of your treatment in just 2 minutes! It’s free and without obligation.

With this digital hair analysis, we determine your individual hair requirements. Depending on the number of grafts required, we will draw up a non-binding offer.

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It’s Not Just Hair

Before and after NEO FUE hair transplant patient with 4200 grafts

4,200 Hair Grafts 6 months post-op

Before and after NEO FUE hair transplant patient with 4200 grafts

4,100 Hair Grafts 9 months post-op

Simple and Effective Application

Infographic guide to using the NEO FUE set Infographic guide to using the NEO FUE set

Developed by the Experts, Specially for Youtake advantage of our research

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As the European market leader, we are proud to have successfully treated over 50,000 happy patients.

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The NEO FUE hair transplant preparation was developed by our team of doctors.

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No matter which treatment technique you use – the NEO FUE kit is always included.

Unique. Effective. Free. the NEO FUE method

The Dr Balwi NEO FUE Preparation Set is included in the price

You don’t pay a single penny -the NEO FUE set is included in your hair transplant price at no extra cost!

By choosing Elithair, you will get the best possible result.

Whether it’s the right technique or the number of grafts, your treatment will always be suitably adapted to your personal hair situation.

This is why all of our patients, without exception, receive a NEO FUE treatment set.

Any other choice would not live up to our ambition to help you achieve a radiant head of hair.

Continuous Development for Perfect Results

Dr Balwi and his team are always at the forefront of research to provide the best hair transplantation service

For many years, the Elithair team of doctors, led by Dr Balwi, have been heavily involved in the research and development of hair treatments.

They are constantly working on new methods to give you an outstanding result.

The Elithair research team has played a major role in the development of current hair transplant methods.

In addition, Elithair has developed world firsts, such as the SDHI technique for women or the NEO FUE hair transplant preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the NEO FUE hair transplant preparation work?

From the very first application, the NEO FUE hair transplant preparation reveals its full potential. The so-called dermal papillae region, which nourishes the hair follicles, is stimulated and an increase in blood circulation occurs in the area to be grafted.

The plant stem cell serum acts rapidly in the microenvironment of the hair follicles and increases the local release of growth factors such as BMP, Wnt and FGF (fibroblast growth factor).

As a result, the hair follicles start to grow as soon as the hair transplant is completed, positively influencing the final result.

What are the advantages of the NEO FUE method?

The NEO FUE method is suitable for all hair types and ensures optimal reinforcement of the hair follicles with stem cells. The grafts receive increased hair nutrition, which increases blood flow and makes the grafts stronger and more stable during harvesting.

Despite their short separation from the supply chain, the follicles remain strong and healthy. Another advantage is that the transplanted hairs in the recipient area have a higher growth rate and faster regeneration of the donor area is possible.

How long does recovery take?

The scabs fall off after about 8 to 12 days. After that you can resume your daily activities as usual. Depending on the intensity, you should refrain from sports for 2 to 4 weeks. You should also protect your head from the sun after the hair transplant. Therefore, a special hat is provided for this purpose.