Hair Transplant Procedure

infographic showing the 3 steps of a hair transplant procedure in Istanbul

Your hair restoration surgery is divided into 3 phases: the preparation, the procedure and the aftercare. Everything is perfectly tailored to your needs, so that it only takes 72 hours until you are back home.

At Elithair you will be supported at all times by our teams trained by Dr. Balwi.

You too can benefit from the expertise and experience of Elithair by starting your free hair analysis today. It only takes 2 minutes!

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Your Journey Towards New Hair in Istanbul

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At Elithair, we believe that good organisation is the basis for a positive hair transplant experience. Everything is therefore planned in detail for your stay in Istanbul.

Our experienced medical teams have already carried out over 60,000 successful treatments, and you can rely on their expertise gathered over the years.

By virtue of this, you only need to sit back and enjoy your treatment.

Free Hair Analysis

First phase: The Preparation

Dr. Balwi designing the frontal hairline before a hair transplant treatment.

On the day of your arrival, you will be welcomed at the airport and driven directly to the clinic by your dedicated driver.

The first thing you will do on site is a blood test. This is carried out by our medical team and only takes a few minutes. Afterwards, you will be driven to your luxury hotel where you can check in at your leisure.

The next morning we will continue with your preliminary examination. Here our doctors will define and draw your hairline. Of course, your personal wishes will be taken into account.

Second phase: The Treatment

Dr. Balwi and his team performing a hair transplant operation at Elithair

The second phase of your hair transplant is the surgery. This begins on site and you will be put under local anesthetic using the Comfort-In method. This in order to provide you with a more comfortable experience.

Your hair follicles are first individually harvested from the donor area using the FUE technique and then stored in a nutrient rich solution. This prepares your grafts for the next step where the type of hair transplant (DHI, Sapphire or SDHI) will be chosen.

The technique used to transplant your grafts depends on your individual hair situation. Your experts will advise you in advance on which method will give you the best final result.

Third phase: Postoperative Aftercare

Dr. Balwi during a postoperative examination with a hair transplant patient at Elithair

On the day directly after the hair transplant, your procedure includes a quality check. At the same time, our team will wash your hair for the first time and you will receive all the important aftercare products and medication.

Afterwards, you will be ready to go home again. You will not even need to be on site for more than 72 hours for your treatment.

Of course, you will continue to be looked after by our teams until your hair eventually grows back. You will be contacted at regular intervals where we will assess the quality of your interim result.


Elithair Takes Care of Everything!

At Elithair, your hair transplant procedure is always perfectly planned. Just like many of our patients, you can rely on our experienced team to ensure that you recover your lost hair.

We will accompany you through every step: from the preparation to the aftercare, our teams will be at your side even after you are back in the UK, because for us only a truly perfect end result matters!

Would you like to know more? Then contact your specialist at Elithair!

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What Is the Procedure for a Hair Transplant?

The first step in a hair transplant is to locally anaesthetise your scalp. This is done using the Comfort-In method, which provides a more comfortable anaesthetic. Our specialists then remove the hair from the donor area. Finally, the hair ducts are opened and the grafts are inserted.

Is the Procedure Similar for All Patients?

Yes, the process is the same for every patient. We have a team that specialises in each stage of the hair transplant procedure to ensure that each stage runs smoothly. The only exception is the DHI method, where the opening of the channel and the insertion of the grafts are done in one step.