SDHI Hair Transplant

Unique. Innovative. Exclusive.

Choi Pen and Sapphire Instrument are used together for SDHI hair transplantation.

The SDHI hair transplant was developed by the Elithair medical team.

Admire your radiant hair after only a few months.

The innovative SDHI method has breathtakingly natural results.

Combined with our exclusive NEO FUE preparation, you receive a treatment that is exclusive to Elithair. It is sure to meet your highest expectations.

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SDHI Hair Transplant – Enhanced Treatment for Women

Infographic explaining the SDHI hair transplant process

The special feature of SDHI hair transplant is the combination of the Sapphire and DHI methods.

By combining the two techniques, our experts achieve optimal results, especially for women and men with thick hair.

With this unique procedure, women can see enhanced density and hair growth!

We Ensure Perfect Results

Picture of a woman with perfect results after SDHI hair transplantation

The SDHI method has been specially developed for women and men with thick hair. The grafting of your hair is incredibly precise and natural.

To thicken the top of the head and the tonsure area, the specialists use the DHI method, which is done without creating a separate channel opening.

Whether you are a man or a woman, with this exceptional treatment, you are sure to enjoy the impeccable aesthetics of your newly transplanted hair.

SDHI Results – Before and After

Picture of a woman with perfect results after her SDHI hair transplantation
3,200 Hair Grafts

8 months post-op

Discover your new look after only a few months! Your SDHI hair transplant not only creates naturally thick hair, but also a newfound self-confidence and joy for life again!

The difference between before and after the treatment is incredible! See for yourself how much our patients have changed! With their new-self confidence, thanks to their impressive results, they can enjoy the life they dreamt of.

And don’t forget: with just a few clicks, you’ll be able to say the same thing about yourself in just a few months.

Two Elithair Exclusives Combined

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As Europe’s No. 1, our specialists have already helped more than 50,000 patients achieve naturally full hair. High quality and perfect results are our priority.

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The exclusive SDHI hair transplant will only be performed by our experienced experts. Each step of the procedure is carried out by its respective specialists in order to achieve perfect results.

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Your SDHI treatment becomes even more effective with our world exclusive NEO FUE preparation! The formula strengthens the hair grafts to achieve enhanced results with a better growth rate.

Full Head of Hair, Low Price

Dr Balwi showing a patient's donor area

The cost of your SDHI hair transplant is as individual as your hair treatment.

Your dedicated expert will establish your individual price based on the grafts you need, your hair type and the treatment method used.

Turkey is the most cost-effective destination for your SDHI hair transplant. Here you will receive the most comprehensive service and the fairest prices.

Give your hair what it deserves: the best of the best!

A Revolutionary Hair Transplant Development

Woman during a hair transplant

With the development of the SDHI hair transplant, Elithair has set a new standard in the field of hair treatments and has consolidated its position as the market leader.

Our specialist, Dr Balwi, and his experienced team focus on patient satisfaction when developing new procedures.

The combination of Sapphire and the DHI method is a breakthrough in achieving results of unparalleled perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the SDHI technique so special?

SDHI hair transplantation combines two different hair transplant techniques. The Sapphire technique is used for the hairline.

First, channels are opened and then the grafts are inserted. In the remaining area, the follicles are implanted using the DHI technique, which does not require a separate opening of the channel.

Why is an SDHI hair transplant only possible at Elithair?

This procedure has been exclusively developed by Elithair. Our Medical Director, Dr Balwi, is committed to continuous research in the field of hair transplantation.

He is therefore constantly developing innovative methods that guarantee the best results for our patients.

What are the benefits of the SDHI hair transplant?

The SDHI hair transplant combines the advantages of the Sapphire and DHI techniques.

With the Sapphire technique, the direction of hair growth can be precisely determined. With the DHI technique, the hair is transplanted with a particularly high density. The result is a perfect and natural aesthetic.