Discover the New SDHI Hair Transplant Technique

infographic showing the 4 steps of a hair transplant procedure for women

The SDHI is an innovative hair transplant technique developed by Dr Balwi. It combines the strengths of the Sapphire and DHI method and is especially suited for women.

Here, the fine and precise sapphire blades are used for the front areas of the head, while the DHI is used to boost hair density on the top.

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SDHI Hair Transplant Results

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Why Use the SDHI Technique?

An Elithair patient shows the final result of a SDHI hair transplant

If you suffer from hereditary hair loss or a receding hairline, the SDHI hair transplant method is an effective way to recover your lost hair.

In order to adapt to your hairline, the technique developed by Dr. Balwi combines the use of fine sapphire blades and DHI method to achieve a naturally dense result. This innovative method promises breathtaking results and is an exclusive procedure, developed for you!

Especially suited for women, the powerful combination of the two procedures has already achieved great end results for our patients.

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The Process in Detail

The SDHI hair transplant procedure differs from the other methods mainly because of the combination of two techniques.

Both the Sapphire and DHI methods are performed separately, as is each part of the treatment, by a dedicated team.

In just 4 steps, Dr. Balwi and his teams will make your alopecia a thing of the past and have you recover your hair in a few months.

Step 1: The NEOFUE® Preparation

picture of the neo fue set sent to Elithair's female patients before their hair transplant for women
NEO FUE Preparation

Your SDHI hair transplant begins with the exclusive NEO FUE preparation. Developed by Dr. Balwi this procedure perfectly prepares your hair follicles for the upcoming treatment.

It is based around a biotin rich serum that is applied to your donor and recipient areas using the included dermaroller. Thanks to the nutrients contained in the serum, your hair will remain strong even before the treatment.

Thanks to this innovation, you will achieve a hair growth rate of up to 98%, for an even better end result.

Step 2: Hair Follicles Extraction

Infographic showing the hair grafts extraction from the donor area from a woman
1: Loosening of the grafts

2: Removal of the grafts

In this step, we use the FUE technique, as it is the most effective for harvesting your grafts. Here, the hair follicles are loosened and removed by a micromotor equipped with a hollow needle.

This method, performed under local anesthesia, preserves your donor area and allows our teams to extract your hair follicles with high precision.

Step 3: Enrichment in a Nutrient Solution

infographoic showing hair graft storage in a nutrient solution during a fue hair transplant
Graft storage in a special nutrient solution

Once your hair follicles have been removed, they are no longer supplied with the nutrients they need. To avoid this, we store your grafts in a biotin rich solution.

They are stored there until the SDHI hair implantation can be performed. This ensures that your hair follicles remain in perfect condition for the surgery.

Step 4: Transplantation With SDHI

Infographic showing the female hair transplant process with the FUE Sapphire and DHI techniques
Transplantation with the SDHI method

Depending on the area, two combined techniques are used in your SDHI hair transplant.

Precise sapphire blades are used in the front area. The V-shaped channel opening of the Sapphire technique therefore ensures that your hairline will be precise and natural.

On the other hand, a high hair density is required on the top of your head in order to achieve a perfect result. This is guaranteed with the modern DHI method (Direct Hair Implantation).

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What Are the Costs for the SDHI Technique?

Infographic showing the hair transplant costs differences between Turkey and the UK

The price of your SDHI hair transplant surgery is based on a number of factors.

At Elithair we calculate it based on the number of grafts you need, your hair type and the treatment that will be used.

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Your Benefits With Elithair

Exclusive method
Sapphire & DHI method combined
Maximum hair density
Gentle treatment
Perfect for women
Natural end result

Why Get a SDHI Hair Transplant in Turkey?

With the development of the SDHI hair transplant, Dr. Balwi set a new standard in hair treatments.

The combination of the Sapphire and the DHI application combines the strengths of both methods and thus achieves perfect results.

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What Makes the SDHI Technique So Special?

SDHI hair transplantation combines two different hair transplant techniques. The Sapphire technique is used for the hairline.

First, channels are opened, and then the grafts are inserted. In the remaining area, the follicles are implanted using the DHI technique, which does not require a separate opening of the channel.

Why is the SDHI Method only Possible at Elithair?

This procedure has been exclusively developed by Elithair. Our Medical Director, Dr Balwi, is committed to continuous research in the field of hair transplantation.

He is therefore constantly developing innovative methods that guarantee the best results for our patients.

What Are the Benefits of the SDHI Hair Technique?

The SDHI hair transplant combines the advantages of the Sapphire and DHI techniques.

With the Sapphire technique, the direction of hair growth can be precisely determined. With the DHI technique, the hair is transplanted with a particularly high density. The result is a perfect and natural aesthetic.