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DHI Hair Transplant

Infographic showing the 4 steps of a DHI hair transplant procedure

The DHI is the most recent hair transplant method. It uses an innovative CHOI implanter pen that makes it possible to insert your hair follicles into the balding areas without a separate canal opening.

At Elithair this method is carried out by the world’s largest DHI team.

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DHI Method

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Why Use the DHI Technique?

Dr. Balwi oversees his team during a DHI hair transplant operation.

The DHI hair transplant is an effective method for successfully combating hereditary hair loss and a receding hairline.

The foundation here is the exclusive CHOI implanter pen, which enables your hair follicles to be transplanted into the recipient area without a separate hair canal opening.

In addition, with the “Direct Hair Implantation” procedure, a qualitatively perfect result is achieved, which stands out due to a higher growth rate and maximum hair density.

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5 Steps to Recover Dense Hair

In contrast to other graft implantation techniques, the DHI procedure allows one to control the angle, depth and direction of the grafts with precision.

With the help of the CHOI pen, the opening of the canals and the implantation of your grafts takes place at the same time.

The process is unique and requires a lot of experience and expertise. Elithair ensures this with the largest DHI team in the world.

Step 1: NEOFUE® Preparation

Infographic of the NEO FUE treatment sent by Elithair before a DHI hair transplant
NEO FUE Preparation

To increase the benefits of your DHI hair transplant in Turkey, Dr. Balwi has developed the NEO FUE preparation, used exclusively by Elithair.

The special serum is applied with a dermaroller and provides your hair follicles with important nutrients prior to the treatment, both in the donor and recipient areas.

This strengthens your grafts and increases hair growth rate by up to 98%.

Step 2: Removal using the FUE Method

Infographic showing the hair grafts extraction from the donor area
1: Loosening of the grafts

2: Removal of the grafts

The FUE technique, which forms the basis of your DHI hair transplant, is used to loosen and remove your hair follicles.

Your hair roots are first loosened individually with a hollow needle and then removed. This means that there are no unsightly scars and your donor area remains perfectly natural.

Step 3: Storage in a Nutrient Solution

Infographic showing the hair follicle storage and enrichment before the DHI hair surgery
Storage in a special nutrient solution

Immediately after extraction, your hair follicles are separated from the nutrient supply.

So that they remain vital, the grafts are supplemented with a biotin rich solution and supplied with vital substances.

This keeps your follicles strong and optimally prepared for the next stage of your DHI hair restoration.

Step 4: Using the CHOI Implanter Pen

Infographic showing DHI hair graft insertion with the CHOI pen
Separate insertion of the grafts into the CHOI pen

The precise instrument for DHI hair transplantation is the innovative CHOI pen, which enables direct transplantation without a separate canal opening.

Your harvested grafts are placed individually in the pen by a specialist who is solely responsible for this process.

In this way, your grafts are not in storage for long and thus remain vital, which ensures a higher growth rate.

Step 5: Direct Hair Implantation

infographic showing grafts being inserted with the direct hair implatation technique
Grafts transplantation without separate canal opening

In the final step, your grafts are transplanted directly into the recipient area – the canal opening and the transplantation of your hair follicles are done in one step.

Since the hollow needle has a diameter between 0.5 mm and 1.5 mm, very high precision is possible.

The direction of growth and the angle of the hair can be precisely determined by using the CHOI pen, thus enabling an aesthetic and natural result.

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Meet the Largest DHI Team in the World

Dr. Balwi with the Elithair medical team in the clinic's lobby

For your DHI hair transplant in Turkey, above all, complete expertise is required to achieve a perfect result.

At Elithair, Dr. Balwi works with the largest DHI team in the world. Each of the 44 specialists is highly trained and an absolute expert in their field.

Through constant training and research, the internationally renowned doctor and his team always remain at the forefront of the industry.

What Are the Costs for the DHI Method?

Infographic showing the hair surgery prices differences between Turkey and the UK

The circumstances of your hair loss are unique and different from all other patients – that is why the cost of your DHI surgery is calculated on an individual basis.

Your price depends on several factors, such as the number of grafts to be transplanted and the technique used.

Based on your free hair analysis, your personal expert will transparently inform you of your individual price.

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DHI Hair Technique: Your Benefits

State-of-the-art technology
No separate canal opening
Special CHOI pen
Largest DHI team worldwide
High growth rate
Maximum hair density

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

Your DHI hair transplant in Turkey will be carried out by the world’s largest DHI team, which is internationally trained and uses only the most modern equipment.

Thanks to the innovative CHOI pen, hair transplantation can take place without a separate opening of the hair canals and is therefore particularly gentle on your recipient area.

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What Is So Special About the DHI Method?

In a DHI hair transplant, the opening of the hair ducts and the insertion of the harvested hair follicles are performed simultaneously, rather than as separate steps. The grafts are first inserted into a special CHOI pen and then transplanted in one movement into the scalp.

What Is the Cost of the DHI Technique?

Compared to other procedures, the cost of the DHI method is slightly higher. This is because the technique can only be performed by experienced experts and more specialists are required.

Due to the increased difficulty and the use of special utensils, the costs are somewhat higher than for the sapphire method.

Can Transplanted Hair Fall Out Again?

No, the hair cannot fall out again because it is resistant against the hormone that causes hereditary hair loss.