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Discover the Beard Transplant With Elithair

Infographic showing the 4 steps of the beard transplant

A thick, well-formed beard is important for the appearance of many men. With a beard hair transplant, you are just 4 steps away from recovering dense and full facial hair.

In this type of surgery, transplanted hairs from your donor area are inserted into the hairless or thinning zones of the beard, moustache, and sideburns to restore hair density.

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Why Get a Facial Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Dr. Balwi drawing a patient's beard before his beard transplant operation at Elithair.

A full, thick beard represents masculinity and strength. If beard growth is weak, it can often affect one’s self-confidence.

This burden can be permanently relieved thanks to a beard transplant surgery. With recent innovations in the field of hair treatments, the end results are more precise and natural, allowing you to grow a thick, full beard.

Modern procedures such as the sapphire technique enable a perfectly natural result.

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What Is the Beard Transplant Procedure at Elithair?

4 Steps to Recover a Full Beard

A Beard hair transplant in Turkey works in the same way as one performed on the head. In 4 perfectly coordinated steps, hair from the donor area is transplanted into the hairless areas of the face.

Every single step is carried out by a specialised medical team, so you can always expect a perfect result with Elithair.

Step 1: NEOFUE® Preparation

inforgraphic showig the neo fue preparation that is sent to the Elithair patients before their beard or hair surgery
NEO FUE Preparation

At Elithair a facial hair transplant begins exclusively with the NEO FUE preparation developed by Dr. Balwi.

You will receive a set of the vitalising serums before your journey to Istanbul, which you can apply to your donor area using the derma roller.

In this way, your hair follicles are brought out of the resting phase and supplied with vital substances, so that you get a higher beard density of up to 98%.

Step 2: Removal From the Donor Area

Infographic showing the hair grafts extraction from the donor area
1: Grafts are loosened

2: Graft removal

The area at the back of the head also serves as the donor area for your beard hair transplant, since the hair there is particularly robust and resistant to the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for hereditary hair loss.

Your hair follicles are individually loosened and removed by using a hollow needle with a micromotor as part of the FUE technique.

Step 3: Storage in a Nutrient Solution

Infographic showing the hair follicle storage and enrichment before the hair transplant
Graft storage in a special nutrient solution

After extraction, the hair follicles are cut off from the blood supply and therefore also lose their nutrient supply.

To counteract this, they are stored in a special solution that contains important nutrients and revitalises and strengthens the grafts.

Step 4: Transplanting the Beard Grafts

infographic showing grafts being implanted in the beard with the FUE Sapphire technique
Transplantation with the sapphire technique

When transplanting grafts on the beard, a high precision is required in order to ensure a natural result. For this step we use the sapphire technique which allows the insertion of your follicles with precision.

The fine sapphire blades also allow a very high density of up to 120 grafts per cm² and ensure a fast recovery with no side effects.

The direction of growth can be precisely determined through the V-shaped opening of the micro-channels, which ensures a perfectly natural beard.

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What are the Beard Transplant Costs in Turkey?

Infographic showing the hair surgery prices differences between Turkey and the UK

Your beard transplant costs in Turkey are determined individually by our medical teams. This is done through our free hair analysis, in which your beard situation is examined in detail.

Thanks to our non-binding free consultation, you will receive your personal offer. With this, you will find out all the details about the price and the number of grafts required.

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Discover All Your Advantages With Elithair

Full & dense facial hair
Beard recovery in 3 month
Stronger self-confidence
Exclusive NEOFUE® preparation
High growth rate (up to 98%)

Meet our Newly Bearded Patients

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Beard Transplant in Turkey

Only the latest and most effective methods are used for your beard transplant in Turkey, so that you will get a perfectly natural end result.

The specialists around Dr. Balwi will ensure that you have a pleasant stay at our clinic and receive the best patient care.

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What is the Price of a Beard Restoration Surgery?

The price of your dream beard depends on how many grafts you need. The price includes the beard transplant, but also many other services such as transfers, hotel, preliminary examination and follow-up.

How Many Hair Grafts Are Needed for a Full Beard?

The number of grafts you need to transplant to achieve a full beard depends on your personal hair situation. The most important thing to consider is how much beard you already have. As part of our free hair analysis, our experts will tell you how many hairs you need to transplant.