The Hair Transplant

Your Permanent Solution for Hair Loss

Infographic showing the steps of a hair transplant done with the Elithair clinic

A hair transplant is the most effective method to combat hereditary hair loss or a receding hairline. The procedure is harmless and can be done in 4 steps.

Based on your individual circumstances of your hair loss, Dr Balwi and his experienced team offer you the perfect transplantation technique.

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Hair Transplantation

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So, Why Get a Hair Surgery?

Medical team supervised by Dr. Balwi during a hair transplant operation at Elithair

Bald patches and thinning hair are a major problem for many people who suffer from hair loss that need to be treated effectively. Hair transplantation is the best solution for both men and women.

Hair transplantation has been utilised as early as the 18th century to fill in bald spots on the head. Nowadays, the techniques are so well developed that you can achieve radiantly full hair.

Innovative developments and revolutionary innovations ensure natural end results of higher quality.

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The 4 Steps of Your Hair Transplant

From the preparation to the end result, at Elithair only 4 steps are needed to recover your lost hair.

A dedicated team is employed for each individual step. The procedures we use have been perfected by Dr. Balwi and his team over the years, so that you can always expect a perfect result from us.

Step 1: The NEOFUE®

Infographic of the NEO FUE treatment by Elithair

Your hair implants begin with the NEO FUE preparation, which you will receive before departing for Istanbul.

This new technique developed by Dr Balwi strengthens your grafts and prepares your hair for the treatment.

The serum is pre-applied to the donor area and contains important nutrients that can strengthen your hair follicles and thus achieve a higher growth rate of up to 98%.

Step 2: Grafts Removal

Infographic showing the hair grafts extraction from the donor area

At Elithair we use the FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) to remove your hair follicles. In contrast to the outdated FUT (the so-called “strip surgery technique”), grafts are removed individually and the procedure leaves no scars.

With this method, a micromotor is used to loosen the hair follicles. This approach allows for extraordinarily high precision and preserves your donor area.

Step 3: Hair Follicles Storage

Infographic showing the hair follicle storage and enrichment before the hair transplant

Since the follicles are no longer supplied with the necessary vital substances due to the separation from the blood circulation, the specialists store your grafts in a nutrient solution immediately after removal.

The liquid revitalizes and strengthens your grafts so that they are optimally prepared for the final step of hair transplantation.

Step 4: Choosing the Best Transplantation Technique

Choosing the right method for inserting the grafts in your hair transplant depends on many factors. It is therefore important that you seek advice from your expert beforehand.

The Elithair team will transparently show you which technique is most suitable for your hair transplant and why.

SDHI Hair Transplant

  • Combines the Sapphire and DHI method
  • Exclusively for Elithair patients
  • Fast healing process: 10-12 days


  • Densification
  • Tonsure & Receding Hairline
  • Temple hair loss
  • Ideal for women or men with thick hair
To the SDHI Technique

DHI Hair Transplant

  • Special CHOI pen
  • No separate Channel opening
  • Faster healing process: 6-8 days


  • Hair densification
  • Tonsure
  • Heavy smokers & elderly patients
  • Medium-thick hair
To the DHI Technique

Sapphire Hair Transplant

  • Sterilized sapphire blades
  • V-shaped natural canal opening
  • Fast healing process: 10 days


  • Receding hairline
  • Temple hair loss
  • Bald spots
  • Medium-thick hair
To the Sapphire Technique

What are the Costs for a Hair Transplant?

infographic showing the hair transplant price differences between turkey and the UK

Based on your hair condition, our medical experts will analyse the required number of grafts and which technique is the best suited to achieve a natural and perfect result.

Based on this, you will receive a non-binding personal offer for your hair implants in Turkey.

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Getting Hair Implants – your Perks with Elithair

Effective against hair loss
Full, radiant hair for life
Exclusive NEOFUE® preparation
High growth rate
Stronger and thicker hair
Improved self-confidence

What do Our Patients Say?

A Tailor Made Hair Surgery, Tailored to your Preferences and Expectations

Dr. Balwi and his medical team always use the most contemporary hair transplant techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. The treatment is carried out in just 4 phases at our centre, providing you with full, radiant hair for life.

Hair implants are the best permanent solution for baldness. At Elithair we witnessed that for many of our patients, a renewed hair growth is a great boost for self-confidence and a life changing treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a Hair Transplant?

There are factors, such as certain diseases or insufficient donor hair, that make a hair transplant impossible. Only a personal consultation can determine whether you are suitable for the procedure. Contact us now for a detailed diagnosis by our experts.

How Many Hair Grafts do I Need?

The number of grafts needed to achieve a perfect result depends on the size of the bald spots. Elithair always makes sure that only the necessary amount of grafts are taken. You can find out now how many grafts you need with our free, no obligation hair analysis.