Recovery After a Hair Transplant

Dr Balwi and a patient at the Elithair clinic in Turkey

The hair transplant recovery process and the subsequent healing stage is easier with a proper aftercare and follow-up process. This means that you can enjoy the initial results of your hair transplant surgery more quickly.

As the European market leader, we use modern and gentle methods with the shortest possible healing phase.

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The Hair Transplant Recovery Time

Infographic about the healing phase after hair transplantation

The healing of the wounds leads to the formation of scabs a few days after the hair restoration operation.

The redness of the treated areas is quite normal and disappears after a short time. The redness is caused by an increase in blood flow to the area after surgery, which is one of the normal side effects of this procedure.

By day 12 of the recovery period, your hair growth will become even, so that there is no longer a clear difference between the transplanted hair and the existing hair.

What Is the Hair Transplant Recovery Process?

Infographic with photos showing the stages of the healing and recovery process after a hair transplant from day one to five months

Patients often think that the recovery from a hair transplant is painful, but this is absolutely not the case. If the doctor’s instructions are followed, the recovery goes smoothly.

To help you better understand this important stage of your transplant, we present the process below. This demonstrates how the hair grows into a full head of hair within a few months.

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Optimal Hair Transplant Aftercare

Elithair patient is satisfied after his hair transplantation

We provide you with a free after care kit for the healing of the donor and recipient areas after your FUE hair transplant.

It is important that you treat your scalp with care, especially when you wash your hair. In order for the hair transplant recovery process to proceed smoothly, you should avoid contact with the treated areas as much as possible for the first two weeks.

The PRP treatment, which is provided free of charge during your transplant, also promotes the regrowth of your hair grafts. You can also find additional care products in our online shop.

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Your well-being and the perfect final result of your transplant are our main concerns. Our experts are there to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will accompany you throughout the healing and aftercare phase.

Like more than 60,000 delighted patients, trust the European market leader for your hair loss treatment.

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Can I Use Healing Ointments?

The use of healing ointments is not essential. However, you may choose to apply special products to your donor area after consulting our experts. In this case, please make sure to use only quality ointments and to wash your hands before applying them.

Is the Healing Process After Hair Transplantation Painful?

After a hair transplantation, there may be some pain due to swelling of the head. This should disappear after a few days. Itching may occur due to the healing of the wound. Do not scratch with your fingernails under any circumstances.