PRP Treatment

Woman receiving a PRP injection before hair restoration treatment

You can achieve your desire for thick and healthy hair with the PRP treatment. Our experts support you with vampire lifting to greatly improve the results of your hair transplant.

The PRP treatment for hair loss is a low-risk therapy, in which the body’s own blood concentrate (Platelet Rich Plasma) is used. After being turned into a serum, it is then injected into the bald spots on the head.

Combining the PRP Treatment with Your Hair Transplant

Discover the PRP treatment to give your hair a boost

Our body has the best methods (as well as active ingredients) for controlling various diseases and ageing. The trick is simply to isolate the active ingredients for specific purposes and to make them usable.

The PRP treatment is the perfect complement to your hair transplant because it utilises the body’s vitality for the best outcomes. This therapy is all about your blood, specifically Platelet Rich Plasma.

This plasma is highly concentrated in the blood proteins and platelets, and thus the basis for a remarkable cellular rejuvenation and regeneration.

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3 Significant Benefits of PRP Treatment

What are the benefits of the prp treatment

It takes some time before the donor hairs are transplanted to the recipient area. Therefore, maintaining the strength of hair follicles during this period is incredibly important. Thus, the extracted follicles are stored and kept cool in a specially prepared nutrient-rich liquid. Advantages to utilising PRP treatment include:

  • Increase in the viability of the hair follicles after a hair transplant (FUE with PRP)
  • Faster recovery after a hair transplant
  • Vitalisation and stimulation of the transplanted hair follicles after a hair transplant

In a new process, PRP is added to the storage liquid, the positive effect can be seen immediately. A PRP injection has a positive effect on the viability of hair follicles, it accelerates wound healing and stimulates hair follicles for better and faster hair growth.

PRP Treatment for Improved Hair Transplant Results

Dr. Balwi draws Hair line

In the case of hair transplants, we are specifically concerned with the separation of platelets and leukocytes. The platelets are (for our purposes) the valuable active ingredient, and we inject coverage to the bald areas.

The platelets that carry the magnification factor of the blood are drastically reduced by an RNA-activator which can be used as a highly efficient tool against hair loss. At the same time this process increases the quality of hair significantly. The renewal of the tissue around the hair root can be seen to have massively accelerated and improved.

The outcome is fast-growing hairs with improved strength. The PRP treatment is a very unique feature of our process, compared to conventional alternatives. There are no side effects or allergic reactions, as the basis for the drug is your own, and thus familiar bodily blood.