Hair Transplant for Women

infographic showing the 4 steps of a hair transplant procedure for women

Female hair loss is not as widely discussed as that of men, but unfortunately many women face unique hair loss issues, especially with androgenetic alopecia in the picture. In such cases, hair restoration may be the only permanent solution against hair loss.

Using the latest in technology and techniques for hair transplantation, our medical teams work with you to recover your hair growth to your satisfaction.

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Why Women Need Hair Restoration Surgery?

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There is a widespread misconception that hair loss is a male issue, pattern baldness and hereditary hair loss are common problems with female hair loss.

Often manifesting itself as a high forehead or receding hair, especially at the crown, female hair loss is a serious concern that requires specific measures.

The most effective method to tackle this still remains to be hair transplantation, which, thanks to the exclusive SDHI technique, is perfectly tailored to female hair and achieves remarkable results.

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4 Steps Towards Your New Hair

The hair transplant procedure for women does not differ much in its technique, however, what is recommended in most cases is the SDHI technique.

Developed exclusively by Dr. Balwi, this graft transplantation technique works as the most effective and convenient method when it comes to hair transplantation for women.

Each step of the treatment is carried out by a team specially trained for this purpose. This ensures the highest quality and a perfectly natural result.

Step 1: The NEOFUE® Preparation

picture of the neo fue set sent to Elithair's female patients before their hair transplant for women
NEO FUE Preparation

The first step in a female hair transplant is through the NEO FUE preparation. It is the most recent innovation from Dr Balwi, and its goal is to strengthen your hair before the treatment.

The NEO FUE consists of a vitalising serum that is applied to your donor and recipient area. By providing your grafts with nutrients, they are better prepared for the surgery.

This technique, exclusive to Elithair, allows for a higher growth rate (up to 98%) and a greater hair density for your transplanted hair grafts.

Step 2: Graft Removal with the FUE Technique

Infographic showing the hair grafts extraction from the donor area from a woman
1: Grafts are loosened

2: Graft removal

At Elithair only the modern FUE technique is used to loosen and remove your grafts.

Your grafts are first loosened in the donor area using a hollow needle with a micromotor, and can then be removed gently and precisely.

Step 3: Storage in a Nutrient Solution

Infographic showing the hair follicle storage and enrichment before the hair transplant
Graft storage in a special nutrient solution

Once your hair follicles are separated from the bloodstream, our specialists store and enrich them in a biotin nutrient solution.

This ensures that your grafts are kept in ideal conditions before they are inserted into your bald spots.

Step 4: The SDHI Technique for Graft Insertion

Infographic showing the female hair transplant process with the FUE Sapphire and DHI techniques
Transplantation with the SDHI method

In the final step of your hair transplantation for women, the exclusive SDHI method is often used.

The exclusive technique is developed by Dr Balwi and combines the strengths of the Sapphire and DHI methods.

The sapphire technique ensures a natural result for your hairline. The light areas on the top of the head are treated with the DHI technique, which is characterized by a high hair density.

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What Are the Costs for a Female Hair Transplant?

Infographic showing the hair transplant costs differences between Turkey and the UK

The costs of a hair transplantation for women in Turkey are dependent on the conditions of your hair loss.

Factors such as the numbers of grafts play a decisive role in your final individualized price calculation. Your personal expert will use the free hair analysis as the foundation to determine your individual price. 

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Hair Surgery with Elithair: Your Advantages

Innovative SDHI method
Exclusive NEOFUE®
Specialist team
Maximum hair density
Short after-care phase
Perfect end result

They Have Recovered Their Lost Hair, Will You Be Next?

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Say Goodbye to Female Pattern Baldness – Get Your Hair Back Today with Elithair

With a hair restoration surgery, Dr. Balwi and his experienced medical team will help you recover radiant, full hair in 4 steps.

We only use the most modern and effective methods to ensure you a perfect and natural end result in just a few months.

Contact your personal expert at Elithair to find out more about your solution against hair loss.

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How Much Does a Female Hair Transplant Cost?

The cost of a female hair transplant depends on the number of grafts needed and the method used. Our experts will analyse your hair loss and inform you of the total cost.

At What Age Should a Hair Transplant Be Performed?

You can have a hair transplant at any age. Our experts will be happy to tell you if it makes sense for you to treat your hair now.