Hair Transplant Anaesthesia

With the Comfort-In System

Infographic showing the needle-free Comfort-In system used to reduce the hair transplant pain

For the hair transplant anaesthesia Dr Balwi and his team use the needle-free Comfort-In method before your local anesthetic is administered.

The modern and painless technology is not only suitable for anxious patients, but also ensures a relaxing treatment for you.

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Why Use a Hair Transplant Anaesthetic?

Dr. Balwi supervises the correct application of the Comfort-In needle-free anaesthesia on a patient.

A hair transplant anaesthetic ensures an almost pain free treatment that is adapted to your needs. As this is a surgical procedure, the areas to be treated are anaesthetised with the innovative Comfort-In method.

The needle-free procedure reduces pain by up to 80%, so patients with anxiety can fulfil their dream of recovering radiant, full hair.

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Comfort-In Procedure Easily Explained

Detail of the Comfort-in system a needle-free anaesthesia that reduces the pain in a hair transplant.

The unique Comfort-In system is performed by specialists specifically assigned to this step of your treatment. The technique is applied before your local anaesthetic so that you feel as little pain as possible.

The special instrument used with the Comfort-In is initially filled with the anaesthetic and then injected into the areas of the scalp that need to be treated.

The procedure takes only a few seconds and, thanks to compressed air, no needles are needed. This ensures that the injection is quick and painless. Our specialists then administer the local anaesthetic.

Best of all, your hair transplant anaesthesia leaves no wounds and you feel virtually nothing.

How Does This Differ From a Conventional Local Anaesthetic?

Infographic showing the differences between an anaesthesia for hair transplant done with or without the use of a needle

With the innovative Comfort-In system, the anaesthetic is injected directly under your scalp at a depth of only 0.15 mm and therefore has a very fast effect time.

Another advantage is that the method has a wider range of effect than a conventional anaesthetic and you are therefore optimally prepared for the surgery.

Compared to a normal anaesthetic performed with a syringe, which penetrates a full 0.39 mm into your tissue, here no needles are used and the compressed air mechanism of the Comfort-In system ensures a pleasant treatment.

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Your Benefits With Elithair

Individual dosage
Tissue is not damaged
Certified anaesthetic procedure
Rapid effect of the solution

Comfort-In System for Your Hair Transplant Anaesthesia

Your hair transplant anaesthesia with the Comfort-In technique ensures the perfect preparation for your scalp.

The compressed air-based, needle-free procedure is particularly suitable for making your treatment as comfortable as possible – even for anxious patients!

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Is the Anaesthetic for a Hair transplant Painful?

To make the anaesthesia process more comfortable, we first numb the scalp using the Comfort-In method. This is a needle-free numbing technique. Then we inject the local anaesthetic afterwards which patients cannot feel thanks to the previous step. Our patients often report that this method is a pleasant procedure.

Is Anaesthesia Dangerous?

The procedure is not dangerous. To ensure your safety, we ask you to indicate any allergies or pre-existing conditions prior to treatment. We take this into account during your hair transplant.