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Elithair Pre-Test System

For the perfect result & your health

medical staff holding a vial of blood

Elithair Pre-Test-System – optimally prepared in 6 steps!

icon electrocardiography

1. Electrocardiography

icon blood sampling with health cross

2. Overall health blood test

icon blood sampling hair loss

3. Blood test hair loss

icon trichoLAB scanner

4. Hair analysis with TrichoLAB scanner

icon ultrasound scalp

5. Ultrasound of the scalp

icon doppler ultrasound

6. Doppler ultrasound of blood circulation

The Elithair Pre-Test System consists of 6 detailed analyses performed in advance of your hair transplant. Based on these analyses, the team of doctors at Elithair will create your individual hair transplant plan, ensuring the best possible treatment to guarantee the success of your treatment.

The analyses give our doctors the exact knowledge about the structure of your hair and the condition of your scalp. This knowledge is used to adapt the individual steps of the procedure to your hair situation, thus enabling the best possible result.

During the preliminary examination, however, it is not only the aesthetic success that is ensured. Your health is examined in several tests – because your safety is important to us!

This is how the Elithair Pre-Test System works

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6 examinations for the optimal result

1. Electrocardiography

doctor holding a stethoscope

Electrocardiography measures the electrical activity of the heart. The resulting electrocardiogram (ECG) provides important information about your general health.

2. Blood test to determine your general health

medical staff holding an reviewing a blood vial

In the first blood test, your blood will be tested for a variety of infectious diseases. As a basic health screening, your blood will be tested for hepatitis B and C, HIV, syphilis and other diseases.

This measure is for your safety, the safety of other patients, and the safety of our medical team.

3. Blood test to examine your hair loss

blood sample vials

In the second blood test, your blood is examined for the causes of hair loss. For this, your blood levels are tested for vitamins B12 and D, iron, thyroid hormones, calcium, as well as testosterone in men and estrogen/prolactin in women, among others.

The results provide valuable insight not only for your hair loss, but also for your overall well-being and health.

4. Hair analysis with the TrichoLAB scanner

Elithair's Dr. Balwi making a hair analysis

The Tricho LAB scanner enables a truly revolutionary examination of the health of your scalp. Using an automated scanning system, multiple photos of your scalp are taken from different perspectives and intelligently analyzed.
This scan provides you with a detailed analysis of your scalp including hair root thickness and multi-graft rates in four different regions of your scalp. You will not get such an accurate insight in any other way!

5. Ultrasound examination of the scalp

medical staff scanning a patient's scalp with ultrasound

Through our modern ultrasound device, we individually measure your scalp thickness to determine the optimal depth for your hair transplant.
We rely on six reference points to optimally place the grafts and achieve maximum effect. This way, we ensure that every aspect of your hair transplant is performed perfectly and achieve incredible results.

6. Doppler ultrasound to measure blood circulation

digital picture showing blood cells

Our analysis includes an excellent Doppler ultrasound that allows us to assess the speed of blood flow in the main arteries of your scalp.

This technology is an invaluable aid in improving our knowledge and understanding in this area and providing you, the patient, with the best possible preparation.

Detailed examinations as a basis for your hair transplantation

a doctor is taking a blood sample from a patient

Opt for the Pre-Test System and benefit from the detailed analysis used by our team of doctors for the perfect hair transplant, adapting the procedure to your individual hair situation.

Six steps, carried out with the latest technologies and personalized advice, ensure a flawless transplant procedure.

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