Your Hair Surgery Specialist

Dr Balwi with his team of hair transplant specialsts

Our Medical Director, Dr Balwi, is a specialist in hair transplant surgery and his mission is to give you back your natural hair in order to restore your confidence.

With the help of selected specialists and innovative methods such as the exclusive NEO FUE, he achieves an outstanding result for you.

Thanks to them, more than 50,000 patients have had their hair restored at Elithair.

About Dr Abdulaziz Balwi

Portrait of dr Balwi smiling with arms crossed and looking confident

Your desire to rebuild your self-confidence by restoring your hair is a subject close to Dr Balwi’s heart. Since 2015, he has been rigorously and brilliantly running the Elithair medical department to achieve the best results for every patient.

He has set himself the goal of helping 1 million people through personalised hair loss surgery methods and hair care products.

To make this possible, the hair transplant specialist is constantly researching new techniques and exchanging ideas internationally with equally renowned colleagues.


Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine

Ege University


Certification in aesthetics and hairdressing

2010 – 2011

Specialist in hair surgery

Ägäis Hospital

2011 – 2012

Specialist in hair surgery

Mert Hospital

2012 – 2013

Head of the Emergency Department


Specialist and coordinator for hair transplants

Emsey Hospital

2013 – 2015

Specialist and coordinator for hair transplants

Nightingale Hospital

2015 – Present

Specialist and Medical Director for hair transplants

Istinye University Hospital

A collage of Dr Balwi with his celebrity patients

The Highest Expertise For You

Dr Balwi and team performing a hair transplant

With Dr Balwi and his team, you are in good hands. His advanced education and continuous further training in the field of hair surgery make him the first choice when looking for a doctor.

You benefit from the experience of over 50,000 successful procedures. Both staff and patients consider him to be the best doctor when it comes to hair transplants.

As the positive reviews on various platforms show, the results he achieves still impress our patients.

Expert Hair Surgery Teams

The Elithair expert team for hair transplantation

During your treatment, our hair transplant doctors are supported by teams of highly qualified specialists.

Our experienced teams are specialised in the various stages of the process. This means that one team deals exclusively with the extraction of your hair follicles, while another opens the channels in the recipient area etc.

You can be sure that our teams are made up of international specialists in all modern hair transplant treatments, including the DHI method and the Sapphire technique.

Dr Fadil Balwi

Portrait of Dr Fadil Balwi

Dr Abdulaziz Balwi found the perfect partner in his brother, Dr Fadil Balwi.

He is also an absolute specialist in hair surgery. He has been the indispensable right-hand man of our Medical Director for 6 years now.

Dr Fadil Balwi has participated in a large number of advanced training courses on the subject of hair transplantation, as well as in two seminars for the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery).

He is passionate about the constant exchange with his medical colleagues and the new development concerning hair transplants.

Research and Further Education

Dr Balwi holding a NEO FUE Kit in his hand

In order to offer you such good results, your hair surgery specialists are constantly researching and developing exclusive methods that you will only find at Elithair.

For example, it has taken years to develop new techniques such as the NEO FUE preparation and the SDHI procedure.

Dr Balwi is aware of the responsibility of hair transplant doctors. That is why he regularly attends further training courses and seminars so that he can combat your hair loss even more effectively.

The Hair Transplant Specialist Is Waiting for You

Dr Balwi with folded arms from the side

Take the first step to achieve your desire for thick hair – you deserve it!

With our free hair analysis, we can tell you immediately how many grafts you need and which method will give you the perfect end result.

Make an appointment today for a non-binding consultation with our experts!

Awards and Certificates

Elithair Proven Expert Patient Review Elithair-Proven-Experts-Feedback
Elithair Certificate Conference Nexgen Biopharma


Participation in the Nexgen Biopharma conference

Elithair Certificate Membership IA/CT Sulza


Member of IACT Switzerland

Elithair Certificate for Stem Cell Association


International Stem Cell Transplant Association USA

Elithair Certificate of Participation 28 ISHRS World Congress


Participation in the 28th ISHRS World Congress

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dr Balwi’s medical background?

Dr Balwi started his medical studies in 2004. After successfully graduating, he specialised in hair surgery and has been the Medical Director at Elithair since 2016.

How do I know if a doctor is really competent?

Experience, expertise and empathy with patients are qualities that a good doctor should possess. Dr Balwi combines all these skills and is therefore also considered the best hair transplant doctor by many of his patients and colleagues.