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Eyebrow Transplant

infographic showing the 4 steps of the eyebrow transplant procedure

Eyebrows play a pivotal role in giving your face its natural expressions, contour, and character. 

Fortunately, with the advancement of eyebrow hair transplant surgery, individuals can effectively address hair loss in this particular area of the face.

Whether the hair loss is a result of hereditary factors, a medical condition, or an injury, this procedure offers an effective, permanent solution.

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Eyebrow Restoration

Before and After Results

Why Get An Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

Eyebrow transplant preparation patient

Eyebrows are the distinguishing features of your face, they give it a frame, character, and expression.

Hair loss, unfortunately often does not discriminate and may affect this crucial region. Often, individuals also naturally have sparse hair on their eyebrows and might wish for permanently thicker, fuller eyebrows.

Aesthetic reasons aside, the hair offers a protective function for your eyes by keeping dirt and dust at bay.

With the modern sapphire technique, the hair follicles are transplanted under the highest precision, which achieves a natural permanent solution to eyebrow hair loss.

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Get Perfectly Curved Eyebrows in 4 Steps

As with other hair loss treatments, eyebrow transplantation is a 4-step process.

Only the best modern techniques and equipment are used by Dr. Balwi and his teams.

Each step is carried out by a specialised medical team, ensuring you a flawless end result.

Step 1: NEOFUE® Preparation

picture of the neo fue set sent to Elithair's female patients before their hair transplant for women
NEO FUE Preparation

At Elithair your eyebrow transplant begins with the exclusive NEO FUE method developed by Dr. Balwi.

A set containing a biotin rich serum and derma roller is sent to you before your trip to Istanbul.

Use the derma roller to apply the vital serum to your donor and recipient area to optimally prepare your hair follicles for the treatment and increase your final growth rate to up to 98% in the brow area.

Step 2: Graft Removal

Infographic showing the hair grafts extraction from the donor area from a woman
1: Grafts are loosened

2: Graft removal

The gentle and effective Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is used to remove your individual hairs in the donor area.

These follicles taken from the back of your head are particularly robust and resistant to the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for hereditary hair loss.

Utilising a specialised hollow needle equipped with a micromotor, the removal process is exceptionally precise and minimally invasive. Prior to extraction, local anaesthesia is applied to ensure a comfortable experience.


Step 3: Storage in a Nutrient Solution

Infographic showing the hair follicle storage and enrichment before the percutaneous hair transplant
Graft storage in a special nutrient solution

The removal from the previous step separates your hair follicles from the bloodstream. As a result, they are no longer supplied with nutrients.

In order to safeguard your grafts, they are stored in a biotin rich solution until it is time to implant them into the eyebrow area.

Step 4: Inserting the Grafts

infographic showing the canal opening and the implantation of eyebrow grafts with the FUE sapphire technique.
1: V-shaped channel opening

2: Transplantation with sapphire technique

In an eyebrow hair transplant, high precision is key to achieving optimal results.

Our highly experienced medical team utilises the Sapphire technique to bring about these results.

Using fine blades made of sapphire, the grafts are transplanted precisely to your eyebrows. The V-shaped opening of the canals also ensures that the new hairs continue to grow precisely and naturally.

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How much does an Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey cost?

Infographic showing the hair surgery prices differences between Turkey and the UK

Your eyebrow transplant costs are calculated individually.

Amongst various factors, the costs are predominantly calculated based on the number of grafts required to be transplanted and the best technique for the results you want.

Find out more about your price and your financing options in a non-binding consultation.

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Eyebrow Restoration in Istanbul – Your Advantages

Exclusive NEOFUE® preparation
Modern sapphire technology
Antibacterial sapphire blades
High growth rate of up to 98%
Creation of optimal contour for your face shape
Important protective function

Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey – Achieve Perfection with Elithair

With an eyebrow transplant by Dr. Balwi and his team, you not only benefit from the latest in transplant technology, but also from a perfectly natural end result.

In just 4 steps, our specialists help you recover the eyebrows you desire.

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How Many Grafts Are Needed for Eyebrows?

The number of grafts transplanted during your eyebrow transplant is calculated individually by our experts.

Generally speaking, we can say that on average, between 100 and 500 grafts are used per eyebrow.

Is Eyebrow Transplantation Possible for Both Women and Men?

The procedure is suitable for both men and women. Our experts will be happy to advise you on whether an eyebrow transplant is the right treatment for you.