Discover the Percutaneous Hair Transplant Technique

Infographic showing the 4 steps process of a percutaneous hair transplant

The percutaneous technique is mainly used to treat patients with a thin hair structure.

The method is also one of the options used by specialists to combat androgenic hair loss and receding hairlines.

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Percutaneous Hair Transplant

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Why Use the Percutaneous Hair Transplantation Technique?

Elithair's medical team performing a percutaneous hair transplant surgery

Today, this type of surgery has been largely superseded by more modern procedures such as the DHI method and the Sapphire technique.

But good results can still be achieved with the percutaneous method, and it is an ideal solution for patients with thin hair.

The pointed steel blades used in this method have been designed to give a natural end result. This focus has allowed the technique to dominate the market for years.

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Your 4 Steps for Radiant, Full Hair

Your percutaneous hair transplant consists of 4 steps, which are all carried out individually by our different teams of specialists.

Dr Balwi and his experienced team have acquired in-depth expertise in the field of percutaneous transplantation. Their goal is to ensure that you will achieve a natural and perfect end result, whatever your hair type.

Step 1: Preparation with NEOFUE® Treatment

Infographic of the NEO FUE treatment sent by Elithair before a percutaneous hair transplant
NEO FUE Preparation

You will receive the exclusive NEO FUE preparation even before your percutaneous hair transplant. The set will be sent to you in advance and includes 2 special serums and a derma roller.

Apply the serum to your donor and recipient areas with the dermaroller before your hair transplant.

Your hair follicles are thus revitalised and strengthened. Your final growth rate can increase by up to 98% as a result of the procedure.

Step 2: Extraction with the FUE Technique

Infographic showing the hair grafts extraction from the donor area during a percutaneous hair surgery procedure
1: Grafts are loosened

2: Graft removal

Your grafts are harvested using the modern FUE technique.

Your hair follicles are loosened by a special hollow needle driven by a micromotor and then removed manually.

The FUE is the best extraction technique available today since it also preserves your donor area.

Step 3: Storage in a Special Nutrient Solution

Infographic showing the hair follicle storage and enrichment before the percutaneous hair transplant
Graft storage in a special nutrient solution

As your grafts are separated from the nutrient supply after harvesting, the next step is to store and supplement them in a special biotin rich solution.

Thanks to this nutrient solution, your follicles are strengthened for the next step of the percutaneous hair transplant operation.

Step 4: Transplantation With the Percutaneous Method

infographic showing the canal opening and graft insertion using the percutanoeus technique
V-shaped canal opening and grafts transplantation

The final step of your hair transplant begins with the opening of the hair canals.

Your grafts are then manually transplanted into the bald spots.

Thanks to the special canal opening, the specialists are able to transplant 80–100 grafts per cm2, which ensures a natural growth direction for your hair follicles.

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Percutaneous Hair Transplant Costs

Infographic showing the hair transplant costs differences between Turkey and the UK

Your percutaneous hair transplant costs are calculated based on various factors and communicated to you transparently.

Among other things, the number of grafts and the technique to be used are taken into account.

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Your Benefits With Elithair

Pointed canal opening
Natural results
High hair density
Preserves the donor area
Ideal for thin hair
Fast recovery period

Why Get a Percutaneous Hair Transplant in Istanbul?

Your percutaneous hair transplant in Istanbul will be the first step towards a life with full, radiant hair.

Benefit from a natural growth direction and a high hair density.

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What is Special About the Percutaneous Technique?

The special feature of percutaneous hair transplantation is that a pointed needle is used to open the hair channels. This makes it easy to determine the direction of the growth of the grafts, and the result has a natural appearance.

Is this Procedure Dangerous?

No. This is a minimally invasive procedure. You can leave our clinic the same day. Thanks to the expertise of our teams, the percutaneous hair transplant is considered low-risk.