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About Elithair

Dr. Balwi and the Elit-team outside the clinic in Istanbul

The biggest hair loss clinic in the world is located in the modern Vadi district of Istanbul. The “Elit Klinik” covers 18,000 m² and extends over 13 floors dedicated to welcoming patients from all over the world for their hair transplant. Additionally it also provides ongoing training for our international teams and is also used for research purposes.

More than just a clinic, Elithair brings together the best specialists to offer the most high-quality service in the field of hair transplants. The medical team, doctors and interpreters work hand in hand to offer our patients the best service there is.

Free Hair Analysis

Our Mission

Dr. Balwi and specialist drawing hair line for a patient

Dr Balwi’s passion is at the root of our mission: to help 1 million people get their hair back.

To help you regain a full head of hair, we are constantly researching new techniques & exchanging information with renowned colleagues.


Our Values

Dr. Moustafa with Elithair team member smiling having a conversation

At Elithair we put a great focus on new achievements in the field of Research & Study.

Accordingly, our in-house research team works continuously to revolutionize the world of hair transplantation with exclusive innovations on a regular basis.


Our Expertise

Elithair specialists performing hair transplant with patient

As market leader we provide: perfect results, international specialists & commitment to innovation.

In addition to implementing new cutting-edge methods, our studies show important insights into the treatments’ effectiveness and patient satisfaction.


Our Vision

The Elithair Doctor-team standing in the lobby of the Elit Klinik

Our Elithair-team ensures professional individual hair treatment for any hair situation.

With experience and expertise, our specialists ensure optimal service and breathtaking results for your transplanted hair.


Our Founder

Dr. Balwi in front of a grey background with his signature next to him

Our medical director and founder Dr. Abdulaziz Balwi began his medical studies in 2004 and has since become a visionary in the field of hair loss treatments. After studying at the Faculty of Medicine at Ege University, Dr. Balwi obtained his certification in aesthetics and hair care in 2010. He founded Elithair in 2013 and has since been the leading surgeon and medical director of the clinic. His experience as a hair transplant specialist, acquired in various hospitals with different medical groups, now benefits all our patients. To consistently improve your treatments, Dr Balwi is constantly researching existing hair transplant techniques and developing innovative methods, exclusive to Elithair.

Dr. Balwi and one of his team members in the laboratory

As a true pioneer in hair transplant surgeries, he has developed new procedures such as the NEO FUE method for up to 98% more hair growth after the hair transplant and the SDHI technique, especially for women. Thanks to the academic background and continuous further in-house training in the field of hair transplantation, our Elithair-team is the perfect fir for everyone who suffers from hair loss. Experience, expertise, and empathy with patients are skills, our team combines. Therefore our specislists are considered to be one of the best hair transplant teams by many of our patients and colleagues.

Meet Our Medical Team

Elithair specialist smiling in the camera with her arms crossed

With more than 100,000 patients treated, Dr Balwi is surrounded by a skilled team of experts that help patients achieve radiant and abundant hair every day. Our medical team consists of doctors, nurses, anaesthesiologists, hair specialists and other health professionals. In the following we would like to introduce you to our leading doctors for your hair transplant.

Dr. Abdulaziz Balwi

Profile pic of Dr. Balwi smiling to the camera

Founder & Chairman of the Board

Specialisation: Hair transplant surgeon & Medical Director
Foreign languages: English, Arabic

2010 Karadeniz Ege University
2010 Aesthetician and hair certification

2010-2011 Aegean Hospital, Specialist for hair transplants
2011-2012 Mert Hospital, Specialist for hair transplants
2013 Emsey Hospital, Specialist for hair transplants
2013-2015 Nightingale Hospital, Specialist and coordinator for hair transplants
2015-2022 Istinye Üniversitesi Hastanesi, Specialist and medical director for hair transplants
2022-now Elit Clinic, Specialist and medical director for hair transplants

Areas of expertise
Hair Transplant
Management and Coaching

ISHRS 29th World Congress
ISHRS 28th World Congress
Ege University, Masters Degree
International Association of Stem Cell Transplantation, USA
MF Plus Professional Therapeutic Workshop
NexGen Biopharma Technical and Product Workshop
International Association for Cell Therapy, Switzerland

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Dr. Gülan Ektiren

Profile pic of Dr. Gülan smiling into the camera

General Practitioner

Specialisation: General Practitioner
Foreign languages: German, English

2014-2015 Harran University Medical Faculty
2015-2020 Mustafa Kemal University Medical Faculty
2019 Fondazzione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo Orthopedic and Dermatology Internships

2020-2022 Emergency Department Physician, State Hospital of Silivri Penitentiary Institution
2022 Dialysis Physician, State Hospital of Silivri Penitentiary Institution
2021 Filiation Team Physician, Health Directorate of Silivri District
2022 Elite Clinic Pre-Examination Physician

Areas of Expertise
Use of Skalp USG
Use of Dermoscope-Tricho Lab

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Dr. Imad Moustafa

Profile pic of Dr. Moustafa smiling into the camera

General Practitioner

Specialisation: General Practitioner
Foreign languages: Arabic, English, French

Necmettin Erbakan University, Faculty of Medicine

Konya Academy Private Hospital (Emergency Department)
Konya Private Eye Hospital (Emergency Department)
Elite Clinic for Hair Transplantation and Medical Aesthetics

Emergency approaches
in intensive care ECG

Areas of expertise
Hair transplantation Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
PRP – Mesotherapy
Ozone Therapy

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Dr. Fadıl Balwi

Profile pic of Dr. Fadil Balwi smiling into the camera

Clinic Managing Director

Specialisation: Hair transplant surgeon & General Manager
Foreign Language: English, Arabic

2012-2019 Mustafa Kemal University Faculty of Medicine

2015-2016 International Patient Organizer, Florence Nightingale Hospital
2017-2020 International Patient Management and Organizer, Liv Hospital
2015 General Manager, Elit Clinic Hair Transplantation and Medical Aesthetics

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Dr. Yaşar Söğüt

Profile pic of Dr. Sogüt smiling into the camera


Specialisation: Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
Foreign language: English

2000 Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Medicine
2016 Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital, anaesthesia and intensive care

2019-2022 Hatay Bilim Hospital, anaesthesia
2018-2019 Korupark Private Hospital, Anaesthesia
2017-2018 Düzce Çasun Hospital, Anaesthesia
2016-2017 Yüksekova State Hospital, anaesthesia

Areas of expertise
Traditional complementary medicine practices
Regional anaesthesia (with USG advice)

Ministry of Health Cup, Ministry of Health
Hypnotherapy, Private Health Establishment
Neurotherapy, Private Health Establishment

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Providing Full Hair to the World

World map displaying the various Elithair locations and clinics

The Elithair group is currently established on 2 continents. Our medical team is developing its activities in major European cities and in the Middle East to bring our Expertise and top-notch service to all our patients. These locations provide access to hair loss patients not only for their hair transplant but also to initiate or follow up on their overall treatment.

Biggest Hair Loss Clinic in the World

Istanbul, Turkey

Elit Klinik in Istanbul from outside

Turkey is home to our main hair transplant clinic. In our 18,000 square metre building, our largest team of surgeons, nurses and dedicated clinic staff undergo intensive professional training, in our very own “Elithair Academy”, to ensure our position as the European leader in the field of modern hair transplantation.


6 Locations in Germany

Treatment room of the Elithair location in Berlin


Located in the prestigious Charlottenburg area of the German capital, our location is on hand to provide expert hair transplant consultation and on-site treatment options like PRP and hair pigmentation.

Lobby of the Elithair location in Hamburg


Our Elithair practice in northern Germany is welcoming all patients who suffer from hair loss and need professional hair transplant consultation. Also patients can undergro PRP & hair pigmentation treatment.

Lobby of the Elithair location in Düsseldorf


The Elithair team in the Capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is ready to assist you with your individual hair transplant consultation. Furthermore we are offering you the best PRP and hair pigmentation treatment on the market.

Lobby of the Elithair location in Munich


In the Bavarian metropolis, you can set the first step to fulfill your dream of radiant, full hair. Our team provides top-notch hair transplant consultation – catered to your needs. PRP & hair pigmentation treatments are also available.

Lobby of the Elithair location in Frankfurt


Patients who suffer from hair loss are more than welcome in our Frankfurt location. Our specialists not only offer individual hair transplant consultation but also professional PRP and hair pigmentation treatments.

Lobby of the Elithair location in Stuttgart


Our Elithair location in the Swabian metroplis of Stuttgarts provides all hair loss patients with the perfect hair transplant consultation. Our internationally renowned specialists also offer modern PRP and hair pigmentation treatments.

Thanks to our expertise and year-long experience, Elithair is proud of its long-standing presence on the German market. With 6 locations in all major German cities, we not only provide the perfect hair transplant consultation for our patients but also PRP and hair pigmentation treatments.

For more information, select your nearest Elithair location.

United Kingdom

2 Locations

The Kensington Clinic in London from the outside


Elithair has crossed the Channel to partner with Kensington Clinic, one of London’s most prestigious practices, for the PRP treatment for patients in the UK.

The City of Manchester by night


A new Elithair branch will be open soon in the North West of England. With that, we are expanding our expertise and medical staff to another location in the UK.

Elithair is expanding on the European market – thanks to local partners offering exclusive services for our UK patients.


Prestigious and modern Clinic

Video Thumbnail showing Dr. Balwi in Dubai for the opening for the Elithair Clinic DubaiThumbnail for the video showing a testimonial for Elithair patient Shahid

In 2023 Elithair opened a new and modern hair loss clinic in Dubai. Located in the exquisite Jumeirah street, our specialists offer turkish expertise and german quality standards to our hair loss patients from the UAE.

Patronage & Charity

Elithair’s commitment goes far beyond our clinics. In addition, our Chief Medical Director, Dr. Balwi, and other founding members of Elithair are involved in several charity projects around the world.


Water pours into the hands of african children

Part of the money raised by the clinic goes towards helping those living without access to clean water. As in Nigeria, we collaborate with local associations to help them fund the building of water wells to facilitate local people’s daily activities.

Turkey & Syria

Dr. Balwi and his team helping out earthquake victims in the affected regions of Turkey and Syria

After the tragic 2023 earthquake in Turkey and Syria, more than 41 doctors and nurses from Elitair provided medical help in the affected areas. Elithair coordinated aid to hospitals in the region and distribute food aid to the people affected by the disaster.


At which locations can I get my hair transplant done?

You can get your hair transplant done at the biggest hair clinic in the world in Istanbul or at our modern clinic in Dubai.

At our 6 locations in Germany our specislists provide hair transplant consultation, PRP treatment and hair pigmentation.

For our UK patients we offer exclusive PRP treatment at our partner clinic in West-London. Soon we also open a new location in Manchester, we also offer hair transplant consultation, PRP treatment and hair pigmentation.

How many doctors are working at Elithair?

We employ 13 doctors from various fields:

  • Hair surgery
  • Anaesthesia / Reanimation
  • Dermatology
  • Plastic surgery
Will there be more Elithair clinics opening in the future?

We currently have 6 locations in major German cities. We are also represented in other European countries and provide our hair treatment services to patients from Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and the United Kingdom.

In addition to the world’s largest hair clinic in Istanbul, we also have a modern clinic in one of the most exclusive streets in Dubai. We will also be opening a location in Manchester in the near future.

Expansion into the USA, Netherlands and Scandinavia is also planned for the near future.