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Dr Balwi calculating a hair transplant price

Your hair transplant costs are always individually tailored to your needs and hair situation.

Everything is included in your personal treatment offer.

Simply start your free hair analysis with your expert – it only takes 2 minutes!

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Our Hair Transplant Prices

Your Benefits in Turkey

infographic showing the hair transplant price differences between turkey and the UK

As a state, Turkey subsidises medical tourism from the UK. For you, this means affordable prices with maximum quality.

The lower cost of living also favours the affordable prices in the field of hair transplants.

Istanbul is now the stronghold for hair transplants and location for the most experienced and best specialists in the world.

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Your All-Inclusive Package

For your hair transplant, everything is included in the cost to achieve a perfect result for you.

During your stay in Istanbul, in addition to maximum comfort, you will also benefit from the experience of Dr. Balwi and his team.

Your Elithair experts will put together your all-inclusive package that is perfectly tailored to your needs, so that you not only get a perfect result, but also feel completely at ease on site.

Advantages at a glance Elithair Others
Elithair hair clinic World’s largest clinic X
Luxury rooms stay overnight at the clinic X
World novelty NEO FUE Exclusive to Elithair X
Comfort-In method Painless treatment X
VIP Shuttle service Your personal driver in Istanbul X
1 PRP treatment included Supports your result X
24/7 Customer Service Before, during and after your treatment X
Care products and medication Perfect for your aftercare X
12 contact points All across Europe X


Same Price, Better Results

Image of Elithair's NEO FUE preparation set for the hair grafts

Everything is included in the cost of your hair transplant – even our exclusive NEO FUE preparation.

This new type of procedure developed by Dr. Balwi and his team enables you to prepare your hair follicles for the surgery. It ensures a high growth rate of up to 98% and is used exclusively at Elithair.

Best of all, you do not have to pay extra for the innovative NEO FUE. You will receive the set containing all the ingredients you need one week before your treatment.

Free Hair Analysis

Your Hair Transplant Costs With Elithair

The cost of your hair transplant depends on your individual hair situation and the technique you use.

Everything is included in your all-inclusive package so that you can achieve a perfect result.

Would you like to find out more? Then contact your personal expert today!

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How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

The cost of a hair transplant is individual to each patient. The factors that influence the total price of your treatment are the number of grafts that are transplanted and the method chosen. With us, each patient receives a detailed consultation and a cost estimate without obligation, in advance.

How Long Does Transplanted Hair Last?

The result of a hair transplant lasts a lifetime. Therefore, you can consider the cost of a hair transplant as a lasting investment. In contrast to hair growth products, in many cases a single treatment is sufficient to restore a naturally full head of hair.