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Hair Transplant Turkey

Over 100,00 happy patients

Elithair patient Shahid looking into the camera after his hair transplant in Turkeypause play icon

“I’ve finally got my confidence back. I’m the first one in front of pictures now.”

4,000 Grafts
Elithair patient Rawderson looking into the camera after his hair transplant in Turkeypause play icon

“I’m so glad that I had a hair transplant. My happiness is all that matters.”

3,500 Grafts
Elithair patient Mounier looking into the camera after his hair transplant in Turkeypause play icon

“When I look in the mirror today, I can’t imagine not having full hair.”

4,000 Grafts

Get more Value for your Money!

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Our internationally trained medical teams provide treatment at much lower hair transplant costs and higher quality compared to the UK. This is possible because of state subsidies and a lower cost of living in Turkey.

Two factors determine the price of your hair restoration in Turkey. The required number of grafts from your donor area and the appropriate hair transplant technique.

Don’t hesitate and get a free consultation and non-binding offer from your expert.

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Transform into the New You!

See the Before & After Results of our Patients

Before and after sapphire hair transplant with 4700 grafts from patient frederik
Before and after sapphire hair transplant with 2700 grafts from patient kevin
Before and after dhi hair transplant with 4700 grafts from patient marcel
Before and after sapphire hair transplant with 4100 grafts from patient marcus
Before and after sapphire hair transplant with 2700 grafts from patient murat
Before and after percutaneous hair transplant with 3700 grafts from patient michael
Before and after sapphire hair transplant with 2200 grafts from patient osmani
Before and after dhi hair transplant with 3700 grafts from patient sebastian
Before and after sapphire hair transplant with 4250 grafts from patient thomas

Why Get a Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey?

The Elithair team standing in front of the Elit clinic

For UK residents who suffer from hair loss, and seek a hair transplant, Istanbul in Turkey has emerged as a leading destination, offering a compelling combination of expertise, affordability and cultural immersion. 

Istanbul’s reputation as a hub for hair transplantation stems from its rich history in the field, boasting world-renowned surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities. Turkish surgeons have pioneered advanced hair transplant techniques, like the DHI method, known for their natural-looking results.

In addition to its medical excellence, Istanbul offers a significantly lower cost of living compared to the UK, translating into more affordable hair transplant surgery procedures. This cost-effectiveness is further enhanced by the availability of all-inclusive packages, which include airport transfers, accommodation, and postoperative care.

Free Hair Analysis

Meet Dr. Balwi

-Lead Doctor At Elithair-

Portrait of Dr. Balwi smiling

Our Medical Director, Dr. Balwi, is an internationally renowned hair surgeon whose premise is to deliver the highest quality and perfect results. He himself suffered from hair loss and underwent hair transplant surgery by his own Elithair-team. He understands the concerns and needs of all his patients.

However, the perfect hair transplant is not possible with a one-man show. That is why Dr. Balwi is supported by an internationally trained team of over 250 specialists who have several years of experience in the field of hair transplantation. All medical staff follow continuous training sessions in our own “Elithair Academy” to stay at the top of their game.

Dr. Balwi and his team are also active in the field of research and development. Therefore they have developed exclusive methods for your hair transplantation in Turkey, such as NEO FUE and the SDHI technique. With his many years of experience, he is proud to be able to offer the right treatment for all types of hair. Dont be a stranger to new hair growth and improved self-confidence.

Free Hair Analysis

The Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

We appreciate the trust you put in Elithair. But that is not enough for us: we want to see every patient happy and smiling again.

That’s why we know that every hair loss situation needs to be treated individually. Our team is specialised to find the right treatment option for you.

Trust the Largest Hair Loss Clinic in the World

– Health And Safety First –

Frontal view of the Elit clinic for the hair transplant in Turkey
Dr. Balwi hands a patient a Hair Boost Set after the hair transplant in Turkey
Dr. Balwi drawing in the hair line for a female patient
Dr. Balwi observes his specialist-team while they perform a hair transplant in Turkey
Dr. Balwi and a specialist from his team in the laboratory doing medical research for the hair transplant in Turkey
Dr. Balwi in the laboratory researching new methods for the hair transplant in Turkey

At the most experienced hair loss clinic you can not only expect higher quality results than in the UK, but also state-of-the-art equipment, an internationally trained team of specialists, comprehensive care and luxury accommodation.

For us, your health and safety are top-priorities. You will be welcomed to one of the most modern clinics in the world, where all staff are trained to live up to European hygiene & safety standards and where all of our medical equipment is for single-use only.

You can rely on the clinic’s excellent quality and advanced technology to provide you with first-class treatment and a pleasant stay.

Free Hair Analysis

Making your Hair Surgery Abroad

The easiest way to get back your full head of hair

You don’t have to do much for your hair transplant in Turkey – with Elithair there are just 3 steps to get radiant, full hair again.

Patient is taking a picture with his smartphone for the hair analysis

1. Free Hair Analysis

Get a comprehensive analysis of your current hair loss. Completely free of charge and without obligations.

Elithair expert with headset consulting a patient for the hair transplant in Turkey

2. Phone call with Expert

We will clarify all your questions regarding your hair transplantation in Turkey in a non-binding telephone consultation.

Picture showing the front of the Elit clinic for the hair transplant in Turkey

3. Trip to Istanbul

Thanks to our all-inclusive offer, you don’t have to worry about anything so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

Guaranteed Services With Elithair

Elithair is the top choice for hair transplants in Istanbul due to our great all-inclusive package prices and excellent results.

You’ll get unique benefits from Dr. Balwi and his team, in addition to their expertise.

Advantages with Elithair Elithair Others
• Hotel + Transfer
• 1 Free PRP
• Blood test on site
• Care Products
• Largest hair clinic in the world
• 68 Elit-Hotel rooms in the clinic
• Sleep-Deep Method: 0% pain
• Pre-Test System
• Exclusive NEOFUE® Technique
• Biggest DHI team in the world
• Exclusive Elit Skala hair loss scale

Your Hair Restoration Procedure In Turkey

– The Perfect Process –

Dr. Moustafa and Dr. Ektiren in the laboratory doing research for the Pre-Test-System

We have already planned everything for your hair transplant in Istanbul. As soon as you arrive at the airport, your VIP-Shuttle Service will pick you up and bring you to the biggest hair loss clinic in the world. Elithair specialists will then carry out our exclusive Pre-Test System on site. This allows us to determine which method is best suited to your hair situation.

We also take care of your accommodation on site: whether a luxury hotel or exclusive “Elithair-Hotel” rooms directly in the clinic. All our support in Istanbul is provided by our English-speaking employees, and you’ll be back home within 72 hours. Benefit from our perfectly optimised hair transplant procedure in Turkey.

Exclusivity and Innovation

NEOFUE® Preparation-

Dermaroller on top of the Elithair Serum as part of the NEO FUE Set

Created by Dr. Balwi, the NEOFUE® technique is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of graft removal. The unique formula has a high-quality serum that gives your hair grafts the optimal nutrients they need before the transplant.

As a patient, you will receive your package before your treatment. It provides the following advantages:

  • Higher growth rate of up to 98%
  • Stronger hair follicles
  • Faster healing phase
  • Perfect preparation for your hair transplant
More About NEO FUE

Thank You for Your Trust!

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Why Should I Get a Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey?

People consider Turkey, especially Istanbul, as the European centre for hair surgery. Here you will find the best and most renowned hair transplant surgeons for your procedure.

At Elithair, we have the knowledge from 100,000 successful treatments, 15 years of experience, and use the latest techniques.

What is So Special About Elithair?

As Europe’s No.1 for hair transplants, we have the largest hair clinic in the world. With 13 floors and a total area of ​​over 18,000 m², you are in the best hands with our specialists.

Dr. Balwi, our medical director and leading doctor, and his team utilise the latest methods and have developed exclusive techniques for our patients.

Our innovative NEO FUE method can achieve an increased growth rate of up to 98% for your grafts.

Will I Experience Pain During the Treatment?

Elithair has recently developed an exclusive method that guarantees 0% pain during your treatment.

This is: the Sleep-Deep method.

With the Sleep-Deep method, an anaesthetic is administered to the patient intravenously, which puts him or her into a deep sleep for 15 minutes. During this time, the local anaesthesia takes place. Thus, Elithair guarantees 0% pain during the treatment.

Hundreds of patients have already confirmed this.

What is Included in My Procedure?

As the market leader, it goes without saying that we devote all our attention to you during your hair transplant in Istanbul. For this reason, the following services are always included for you:

  • Largest hair clinic in the world
  • Exclusive NEO FUE Set
  • Elithair Pre-Test System
  • Sleep-Deep method: 0% pain
  • Luxury hotel / Elit Hotel optional
  • English-speaking staff on site
  • Free PRP treatment
  • Medication & care products
Is a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Dangerous?

No. Due to our extensive experience and established procedures, we can assure you that there are minimal risks. Our minimally invasive procedures are performed by absolute specialists, so that we can offer you the best hair transplant experience in Turkey.

At Elithair, we attach great importance to effective hygiene and safety measures for all our patients. Risks cannot be completely ruled out, but they rarely occur with us. As a patient, you enjoy all the benefits of our hair loss clinic in Istanbul.