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Research and Development

Dr. Balwi and specialist working in the laboratory

At Elithair we put a great focus on new achievements. Accordingly, our in-house research team works continuously to revolutionize the world of hair transplantation with exclusive innovations on a regular basis.

On this page, you will get a comprehensive insight into which innovations you, as a patient of Elithair, will specifically receive.You can expect a great variety of benefits that are only offered by Elithair to this extent – all of which serve to ensure that you receive a perfect result. Take a look for yourself!

Our Innovations

Elithair Pre-Test System

Icon for the Pre-Test System

The Elithair Pre-Test System uses 6 detailed preliminary analysis to ensure that your hair transplant result will be perfect. Dr. Balwi and his research team have designed the individual steps of the Pre-Test System in such a way that you, as the patient, will benefit in the best possible way.

Sleep-Deep Method

Icon for the Sleep-Deep Method

In the world’s largest hair clinic, we use the innovative sedation procedure of the “Sleep-Deep Method”. Here you will be put into a 15-minute deep sleep before your local anesthesia, so that you will feel 0% pain during your hair transplant.


Icon for the NEO FUE technique

The NEO FUE method is a world novelty and was also developed by Dr. Balwi and his specialists. Thanks to a unique and vitalizing serum, the NEO FUE set provides the perfect preparation for your hair transplant. A hair growth of up to 98% can be expected with this preparation technique.

Elithair Shop

Icon for the Elithair Shop

In addition to the wide range of hair transplant possibilities, Elithair also has its own online store. Here you will find effective products that provide the perfect assistance for your hair – before and after your treatment. All products are developed exclusively by Dr. Balwi.

Elithair App

Icon for the Elithair App

With the Elithair App, we offer you the perfect support service. Whether in the preventive or aftercare phase – with the Elithair App, expert advice is available at any time with just one click.

Elit Scale

Icon for the Elit Scale

The Elit Scale allows our experts to perfectly categorize the status of your hair loss. This way you can be sure that we will always use the best treatment technique on you.

SDHI Hair Transplantation

Icon for the SDHI method

The SDHI technique combines the advantages of the Sapphire method with the DHI technique to offer you a perfectly natural result. This innovative procedure is offered exclusively at Elithair and is especially suitable for women and men with thick hair structure.

Elithair Studies

Icon for Elithair studies

Stagnation is a foreign word to us. That is why we conduct regular studies to continue to innovate and world exclusives. Of course, not only technical achievements are important to us, but also your satisfaction as a patient.