discover our ultimate guide on how to strengthen hair

The ultimate guide on how to strengthen hair

No matter your natural hair type, strong and healthy hair is what we are all seeking. However, many factors prevent us from achieving our desired results. So to help you strengthen your hair, we have created the ultimate guide on how to strengthen hair at home.


  1. How do I identify weak hair?
  2. What causes weak hair?
  3. 10 reasons why your hair is weak and breaking
  4. How to strengthen hair at home
  5. Our advice on how to make your hair stronger and thicker
  6. Conclusion

How do I identify weak hair?

discover on how to identify weak hairSome may believe that shedding is an indication that your hair is becoming weak. However, here is some reassurance – according to The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), it is predicted that you experience a loss of 50-100 hairs each day with a new hair growing back in its place within a month. As you grow older, some hair follicles stop producing hair, which is how hair loss and hair thinning occurs.

Common signs of weak hair:

There several warning signs that can help you to identify when your hair is losing its strength, including:

  • Thin and lifeless hair
  • Dehydrated hair
  • Excess oil in hair
  • Increased hair breakage
  • Noticeable split ends
  • Frizzy hair
  • Lack of natural shine and volume

The next step on journey to strengthen your hair is to find out the root cause of your weak hair and find the best way to help regain strength in your hair.

What causes weak hair?

Hair breakage affects a range of individuals regardless of their hair type. Weak hair can occur for many reasons, including health conditions, stress, and specific hair products and excessive heat damage.

Diet also plays a huge role in maintaining strong hair. However, this can easily be improved in most cases with the right products and advice.

10 reasons why your hair is weak and breaking

learn about the ten reasons why your hair is weakAccording to Medical News Today, in total, there are 10 common causes of hair breakage. Why your hair may be losing strength is the key to finding the best remedy to help make your hair get stronger and healthier again.

  1. Some hair colourants and hair perming kits contain chemicals that can weaken the hair and make it more likely to break. Thus causing brittle and frizzy hair.
  2. Brushing your hair too much and too harshly can cause breakage.
  3. Heat damage from heat styling tools (such as blow-dryers and straighteners) can cause damage to the hair shafts and remove moisture from your hair.
  4. Towel drying can not only damage the hair, but it can increase frizz and cause breakage.
  5. Not having regular haircuts can result in split ends which will continue to make their way up the hair shaft.
  6. Deficiencies in nutrients that promote healthy hair can cause your hair to appear dry and slow down hair growth. This can weaken your hair and may lead to hair loss.
  7. Tight hairstyles and elastic bands can lead to hair damage from the root and may lead to a type of hair loss called traction alopecia.
  8. Stress can cause the hair roots to reach the resting stage of their growth cycle sooner. The hair becomes loose from the scalp can shed prematurely.
  9. Thyroid disorders can cause hair breakage and may result in your hair becoming thinner and looking dull.
  10. Malnutrition and health issues that come from eating disorders can disrupt the hairs natural growth cycle. This disruption can cause hair to break off during the hair’s growth phase, (called the anagen stage).

How to strengthen hair at home

There are a number of ways that you can help restore your hair to its natural state in the comfort of your own home.

The introduction of new hair products that include the correct vitamins, nutrients, and ingredients to give you the beautiful, full, healthy hair you deserve has taken over the market.

Have you tried Dr. Balwi’s hair care products?

Thanks to a unique combination of ingredients your hair receives the essential nutrients that nourish the roots and hair and prevent their loss, our products contains everything your hair needs! In addition unlike ordinary hair care products, ours tackle the problem at the root. Because a stronger and vitalised scalp produces resistant and, of course, healthy hair

Our advice on how to strengthen hair

  • Implementing a balanced diet into your lifestyle by increasing your intake of vitamins, iron, zinc, and protein. You can get this through foods such as spinach, egg yolks, salmon, avocados, and citrus fruits.
  • Use the right hair care products to prevent further damage to your hair by choosing shampoos and conditioners made for your unique hair type.
  • Limit the amount of heat used on your hair, e.g., airdry hair, rather than blow-drying.
  • Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to get rid of split ends.
  • Deep conditioning treatments with the right ingredients will reduce the chance of a dry scalp. Keeping your scalp moisturised and hydrated is one of the most significant factors in ensuring your hair maintains strong.
  • Keratin treatments can help smoothen hair, remove frizz and give a shiny finish.
  • Regular use of a hair mask can help moisturise and nourish your hair. Transforming your hair from dry, damaged and frizzy hair to smooth, strong hair strands.


It is common to see your hair becoming harder to maintain and to lose strength. Having the ability to identify that your hair’s strength is becoming an issue is the first step to helping build the strength of your hair back.

Identifying the signs of weak hair and the exact cause can help you make the correct changes to turn your healthy and beautiful again. With a few changes to your hair routine and products, you can achieve the hair goals you have been seeking.

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