Elit Skala Hair Loss Scale

Discover the 5 Types of Alopecia

image showing the type and degree of hair loss that the Elit Skala scale can detect

With the knowledge gained from over 500,000 professional hair analyses, the research team at Elithair has developed the exclusive Elit Skala hair loss scale.

By categorising the 5 types of hair loss, the scale enables a detailed representation of all its types and stages. It is used to determine the best treatment technique thanks to a precise qualification of the degree of your alopecia.

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The Elit Skala Scale Explained

What Is the Elit Skala?

overview of the different types of hair loss according to the Elit Skala scale

Thanks to the detailed Elit Skala scale, the type and stage of your alopecia can be precisely identified and categorised.

Divided into 5 types of hair loss, it allows you to precisely determine which type of alopecia you are suffering from. The degree of hair loss is also described in detail by this innovative scale.

No matter whether you have a receding hairline, a tonsure, light hair, circular hair loss or a combined variant of hair loss: with the Elit scale, you can determine exactly how far your hair loss has progressed.

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Why use the Elit Skala Hair Loss Scale?

The Elit Skala Scale provides the perfect support to determine the best treatment for your hair loss.

Our hair loss scale is used to choose which of the Sapphire method or the DHI technique will bring you the greatest final result.

The scale is developed exclusively by Elithair’s own research team and is used for every patient – including you!

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How will I Benefit from this Innovation?

image showing a happy patient who recovered his hair thanks to a precise analysis done with the elit skala hair loss scale

Through the Elit Skala Hair Loss Scale, it is possible to determine the most suitable treatment for you. It will show you the fastest and most effective way to achieve radiant full hair.

Your personal expert will not only tell you the optimal technique for your hair transplant, but also whether, depending on your hair situation, an alternative such a PRP treatment will give you naturally full hair.

In addition, you can use the scale as a guide. The treatment method that is perfectly suited to you will then be determined after a precise analysis by your personal expert.

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Elit Skala – The best Scale to identify Your Hair Loss

Thanks to this innovative scale, your hair loss can be precisely determined and detected. With it the Elithair research team has succeeded in taking hair transplants to the next level.

Your personal expert will always use the revolutionary Elit Skala hair loss scale from your free hair analysis to determine the best treatment for your hair situation.

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What makes the Elit Skala Hair Loss Scale so special?

Compared to the outdated Hamilton-Norwood scale, the Elit Skala scale distinguishes between 5 types of hair loss. This not only enables a more detailed categorization, but also a more precise analysis. In this way, even better treatment methods can be shown and recommended.

What Information can the Elit Skala Scale give me?

The Elit Skala scale describes your hair loss in detail and determines its type and stage. This is especially useful for recommending an effective treatment.

Depending on the state of the hair loss, various techniques for hair transplantation or alternative treatments are possible. The Elit Skala scale also provides information about which one is the best in your case.

Can I use the Elit Skala Scale myself?

The Elit Skala scale is also a good guide for you if you suffer from hair loss.

Your experts at Elithair are always at your disposal for a more precise analysis of your hair situation and an evaluation of the possible treatment options.

What Is the best way to find out what options I have to recover full, radiant Hair?

In addition to using the Elit Skala scale as a guide, the free hair analysis at Elithair is your guarantee of finding out everything you need to know about your individual hair loss situation.

The Elithair experts use the innovative Elit Skala scale as a basis and can give you the best advice based on the experience of more than 500,000 professional hair analyses.