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Elithair App

The profile screens of the Elithair app

With the Elithair app you have the perfect companion for your hair transplant always at hand in your pocket.

Don’t miss a single step in the pre- and aftercare phases thanks to your personal reminders and always be informed when there is something to take care of – thanks to the overview in the calendar.

Download the app now and don’t miss any important information about your hair transplant!

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This is the Elithair App

The login screen of the Elithair App
The overview screen of the Elithair app
The progress screen of the Elithair app
The treatment screen of the Elithair app
The picture upload screen of the Elithair app
The profile screen of the Elithair app

During your hair transplant you will have many questions. There are some hints to consider regarding the pre- and aftercare or even your trip to Istanbul.

Thanks to the hair transplant app, you will always have your personal doctor and all important information with you in your pocket – and you will not miss any important tips for your treatment.

What is the Elithair App for?

Elithair patient smiling while showing the Elithair app on his phone

With the Elithair app you receive important hints and tips with video instructions for your pre- and aftercare directly via push message to your smartphone. This way, you won’t miss a single step on your way to a full head of hair!

Your doctors are always with you – thanks to the easy handling of the app. Upload your photos directly in the app and your experts will monitor the progress of your result.

Always be well prepared thanks to the overview in the calendar and achieve the optimal result for your hair transplant with the support of the app!

Our doctors are with you!

Specialist of the Elithair team

With our Elithair app, our medical staff can be reached with just one click! Download your “digital assistant” here for free!

Elithair App Advantages

Perfect support for your hair transplantation
Pre- and aftercare overview
Helpful video instructions
All infos about your journey
Push message reminders
Calendar with all necessary steps
Photo upload for follow-up
Easy contact
FAQ with the most frequently asked questions

Elithair App
The perfect companion for your hair transplantation

The free hair transplant app from Elithair is your perfect companion for your hair treatment – right in your pocket.

The extensive functions always keep you up to date and give you the perfect overview, so you don’t miss any important information.

Download the exclusive application and benefit from the exclusive offer at Elithair!


Where can I download the Hair Transplant App?

You can easily download the Elithair App from the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for Apple. Simply search for “Elithair” or click on one of the buttons on this page to download.

Is there a charge for using the Elithair app?

No, the hair transplant app is completely free for all patients at Elithair. Your personal digital assistant is available for you at no additional cost.

How can I log in to the App?

For the registration you need your personal access code. You will receive this from your experts at Elithair when you have decided on a hair transplant.

What is the advantage of using the Hair Transplant App for me?

Through the Elithair app, you will receive all the notices via reminder directly to your smartphone and you will not run the risk of missing anything important. Be on the safe side not to start exercising too early, not to cut your hair too early and to stop possible medications when needed.
The extensive features of the application ensure that your hair transplantation will be an absolute success.