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Hair Loss Stages – Recognising the Type of Your Alopecia

A hair loss scale is a useful tool to measure and evaluate the stages of an alopecia. This is particularly important in order to use the information obtained to get the best treatment for you. But what different scales are there anyway? And what makes the exclusive Elit Skala better than the others?


  1. An Hair Loss Scale to Define its Stages – What and Why?
  2. What are the Different Scales in Use?
  3. Exclusive to Elithair: The Elit Skala Hair Loss Scale
  4. Advantages of the Elit Skala to Measure Hair Loss Stages
  5. Conclusion

An Hair Loss Scale to Define its Stages – What and Why?

In order to be able to precisely evaluate and categorise the stages of your hair loss, experts use a so-called hair loss scale. This can be used to determine the type and progression of an alopecia.

This is particularly important because, depending on the hair situation, finding the best treatment is key for a successful end result. Although a hair transplant is the most promising and effective method to combat hair loss, it is not indicated for all pathologies. By using an appropriate regimen, it is possible to determine the most suitable treatment for you and thus help you regain dense and radiant hair.

What are the Different Scales in Use?

image of the Hamilton Norwood scale
Different scales are used to assess hair loss, but up until now one has clearly dominated the industry. The Hamilton-Norwood scale has played a major role for many years in assessing the hair analysis before performing a hair transplant

Other scales of measurement, such as the Ludwig or the Savin scale, can also be used but fall far short of the dominance of the Hamilton-Norwood scale.

This diagram, which has been around since 1975, has long been the dominant way to analyse hair loss, although it has some weaknesses. This is the reason why we chose to create our own scale, the Elit Skala.

Exclusive to Elithair: The Elit Skala Scale

overview of the different hair loss types defined by the Elit Skala scale
Elithair’s research team developed the Elit Skala based on over 500,000 professional hair analyses.

Thanks to this innovative measurement unit, our work on hair transplant has moved one step forward. Our experts work exclusively with a modern and detailed scheme to guarantee you the perfect method to combat your hair loss.

You can also use the Elit Skala hair loss scale yourself as a first cue. Your optimal treatment will then be determined after an in-depth analysis provided free of charge by our experts.

Advantages of the Elit Skala to Measure the Stages of your Hair Loss

The Elit Skala distinguishes 5 types of hair loss stages the now outdated Hamilton-Norwood scheme. Thanks to this distinction, the classification of measures is much more detailed and allows a more precise analysis.

The extensive information provided by the type and degree of hair loss helps to determine the best treatment method for your hair situation. Thanks to this scale, our experts can recommend the best treatment technique for you.

overview of the hair loss types that can be treated with the DHI surgery

Elit Skala also helps to determine if a hair transplant is possible in your case. Other alternatives such as the PRP treatment may be recommended, should your hair situation be not suited for a surgery.

Try Elithair’s Innovative Hair Loss Scale

A hair loss scale is a useful instrument to carry out an analysis your alopecia stage before the hair transplant.

Using the innovative and exclusive Elit Skala, Elithair’s research team has succeeded in modernising the field of hair transplant regarding the choice of treatment. The Hamilton-Norwood scale, commonly used but outdated, is thus replaced by a more precise variant.

Need to know more? Then don’t hesitate to contact our experts! We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to advise you with a free and non bonding hair analysis.

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