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Hair Surgery Blog

With our dedicated section on hair surgery, discover the latest innovations in hair medicine and surgery.

Dr Balwi analysing his patients hair before their hair transplant

Why Get a Hair Transplant in Summer?

We will explore the multiple reasons why Summer might be the best time for you to take the plunge...

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Artificial Hair Transplant: How It Works Today

When people hear artificial hair transplants, they think about the unnatural-looking plugs from the...

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What is Micrografting? A New Trend.

Hair loss is an extremely prevalent issue for many men in the UK. There are a range of treatments...

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A Closer Look at Celebrity Hair Transformations

Over time, celebrities have opened up more about their hair loss issues. As a hair transplant is...

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What is the Ideal Hair Transplant Age?

Hair transplant surgeries are the only long term effective solution to hair loss, being performed...

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Can You Get an NHS Hair Transplant?

Hair transplants in the UK can cost up to £12,000, depending on the extent of hair loss and the...

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What are Beard Styles You Can Wear After Transplantation?

Many people can have trouble growing facial hair or end up losing hair from their beards. almost...

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Is a Body Hair Transplant Possible?

One of the common questions we get at Elithair when it comes to hair transplantation is whether...

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Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey, is it Possible?

Hair loss spares no hair type, not even the beautifully frizzy or tightly curled locks. An Afro...

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How to Correctly Manage Your Hair Transplant Aftercare?

Following a hair surgery there are several stages to the hair transplant aftercare process. It’s...

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