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Hair Transplant with the Artas Robot

The techniques used for hair transplant surgery are constantly evolving. New technological advances are making results even more aesthetic and natural. The goals are to make the patients feel comfortable by making the process as pleasant as possible. This is one of the major concern of hair surgeons.

The latest innovation in this area is now the use of robots as part of the hair transplant process with the Artas Robot. This article will provide you with answers on how good this new technique really is and its viability in the hair transplant procedure.


  1. Robotic Hair Transplantation and its Origins
  2. How is the Hair Transplant Done with the Artas Robot?
  3. Hair Transplant with or without a Robot?
  4. Conclusion

Robotic Hair Transplantation and its Origins

The high-tech robot Artas comes from the United States. It uses the conventional FUE hair restoration procedure to remove the grafts during the operation. The robot extracts the hair follicles from the scalp thus replacing human intervention.

Like the traditional FUE manual method, this robotic hair transplant system leaves only micro scars behind the skull improving the recovery time by eliminating a linear scar as with strip surgery. This procedure optimizes the maximum retention of the hair follicles. The robot removes only those being the most suited.

The technology used

This is possible thanks to an algorithm that calculates in advance the exit angle for each hair. Only the best hair follicles are selected and over 90% of them are used. The robotic arm removes follicular units with precision and speed unmatched by human intervention.

The use of the Artas robotic hair transplant procedure also eliminates possible human errors during the hair transplantation process. A consistent implant quality is therefore offered to the patient throughout the session but there can be difficulties with the system being able to correctly identify if the the harvest has been completed properly as this study showed.

How is the Hair Transplant Done with the Artas Robot?

As with manual FUE hair transplant surgery, local anaesthesia is first administered to the patient’s scalp. Then, a tensioner is installed by an assistant at the back of the patient’s skull. The robotic arm is then positioned automatically and scans the scalp in search of viable follicular units.

This process continues until the robot has completed the defined area. The removal of follicles by a robot offers the advantage of avoiding a “harvest” of the donor zone. It also reduces the risk of having hair follicles removed outside the donor area.

Treatment time

The fast and precise operation of the robot arm reduces the treatment time by around 30 to 50%. The procedure takes only one to four and a half hours maximum. The recipient sites where the hair follicles are replanted must correspond to the specific distribution set by the robot.

Only in this way can the hair regrow properly. Artas locates these receptor sites and generates them at exactly the right angle and depth. This allows for a consistent good density of transplanted hair.

What are the costs of hair implants made with a robot?

A robotic transplant costs between £3,500 and £7,000 in Europe. To give you an idea, the prices of a hair transplant performed in Turkey range from €1,799 to €2,999 euros. The price also includes luxury accommodation, transfer to and from the airport and a follow-up.

Hair Transplant with or without a Robot?

If you opt for a robotic capillary intervention, several factors must be taken into account. First of all it is a recent technique that has yet to provide consistent results. Especially since almost no extensive clinical studies have been done on this method. Its scope is also quite limited as the procedure can only be performed on those with pattern baldness with black or brown straight hair.

There are also many doctors already using the most innovative techniques in the field of manual hair transplantation. Their experience makes it possible to obtain quality and, above all, natural results. The only difference being the time it takes for a successful transplantation.

Elithair methodologies

Dr. Balwi from Elithair has already overseen thousands of successful hair implants. He is a true specialist in his field and always at your disposal to obtain the best results. With Dr. Balwi you will benefit from the expertise of a hair surgeon that perfectly masters the FUE method.

At Elithair, only the most modern methods are used. For example, our services includes our new and pain-free Sleep Deep anaesthesia and also have one of the most experienced team in the DHI technique in the world. In addition we give free and detailed advice on the treatment options available to you. Our expertise allows you to always get the best end result.


This technological innovation does hold many advantages. Especially because the grafting accuracy is always guaranteed by the Artas robot. In addition, the extraction time of the hair follicles is reduced by 50%.

It is, moreover, almost impossible to damage existing hair during it. The robot eliminates possible human errors and operates with high precision and graft quality. However, the hair transplant using robotics has also of course its high price and while precise the punches used by the robot are larger in diameter leading to possible side effects such as damage to nearby follicles.

If you are interested in this method of hair implants, you will have to pay from between £3,500 to £7,000. It should also be noted that there is virtually no clinical study on working with an Artas robot. The Artas robotic procedure for a hair transplant cannot yet fully replace human intervention.

In particular it cannot match the knowledge, experience and advice of a qualified hair transplant surgeon. Our hair surgery specialist Dr. Balwi and his team have already successfully performed more than 20,000 hair transplants. This experience allows him to work very precisely in order to achieve natural hair growth.

If you are interested in receiving a hair transplant to combat hair loss, do not hesitate to contact our advisors for a free and non-binding consultation. With Elithair you will always benefit from Dr. Balwi’s expertise for a successful hair transplant in Turkey.