Macrophotography of an FUE hair transplant hair bulb transplanted into a hairless area

Hair transplant after care – what to do after the surgery?

After you have had your transplant, it is crucial that the proper FUE hair transplant after care is followed so that your newly transplanted grafts can heal. It will take time for the hair to take root, and the scalp will be sensitive.

You will receive in-depth information from our team before and after your hair transplant surgery. However, we have compiled some of the essential information that you will require in the days and weeks after your hair transplant procedure.


  1. What do I need to know about the FUE hair transplant after care process?
  2. How long does it take for FUE hair transplant to heal?
  3. When can my haircare routine return to normal?
  4. Conclusion

What do I need to know about the FUE hair transplant after care process?

Our team will provide you with detailed information about what you need to do before and after your hair transplant. This includes a demonstration for how to wash your hair after hair surgery.

At Elithair, we only use the FUE technique to extract hair grafts, which is minimally invasive. The transplanted area will be delicate but you will be able to gently wash your hair in the days after the transplant with our aftercare products and using a very low water pressure.

What to expect

You may experience some mild side effects after your surgery. Your scalp is likely to be slightly sore or sensitive through the first few days post-op. You may experience swelling or redness, which is completely normal.

The day after your transplant, you are brought back to the clinic for a follow-up examination to ensure you are healing well. At this time you will receive detailed advice about the post operative period for when you return home, and the FUE hair transplant after care.

Touching your hair

When you have had your transplant, it can be tempting to want to touch your new hair. However, after the hair transplant procedure, you should be careful and wait for the healing process to be fully underway before putting any stress on the hairs.

If you’re wondering, “When can I touch my transplanted hair?” you need to:

  • Wait 2-3 days before gently touching the hair in the shower. Use your fingertips, and avoid using any pressure.
  • Always use clean hands when interacting with the donor area or the transplanted grafts to avoid infection.
  • Wait as long as you can before combing or styling to avoid pulling the new roots out before they are fully implanted.

How long does it take for FUE hair transplant to heal?

After the hair transplant, our patients are usually eager for the scalp to heal so they can touch their hair. Because we use state-of-the-art techniques, the healing process will not take long in most cases.

After a hair transplant many patients ensure that they are eating and healthy diet. This includes consuming the best vitamins after a hair transplant, including biotin and vitamin D.

By following the correct after care for the FUE hair transplant, patients will be able to see the final results in no time.

Healing and recovery time

New, state-of-the-art technical standards have changed the way that transplants heal, resulting in a better patient experience thanks to a faster recovery time.

The FUE technique uses nutrient-rich solutions that help the roots take better hold of their new transplant area, and stimulates hair growth, reducing healing times. This will give you the appearance of a fully healed scalp within 10-15 days post-op, as long as you follow the prescribed FUE hair transplant after care.

Removing scabs

It is normal to experience some scabbing after the surgery, so you may be wondering, “When can I remove scabs after FUE?”.

Over time, the scabs will fall off naturally within 7-10 days after the surgery. Do not pick at them, as this may cause damage to the hair follicles, infections or bleeding. Instead, keep your scalp moisturised with the provided lotion.

A close up image of an FUE hair transplant during the after care stage

When can my haircare routine return to normal?

You will see the full results of your hair transplant at the 12 month mark after surgery, but you can begin to return to normal much sooner than that. It is important to let your scalp heal fully before returning to a normal hair care routine, and following the FUE hair transplant after care will help speed the healing process.

The NHS provide a detailed timeline for what to expect and what to do during the 12 months after your surgery.

If you reintroduce things slowly after the hair transplant procedure, you can do so without damaging your new transplanted hair.

Washing your hair

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “When can I wash my hair normally after FUE?”. You can get the hairs wet a day after your surgery so long as there is no strong direct pressure on each hair follicle.

You can begin to shampoo as normal after the fifth day of recovery. When you do wash your hair, use a mild shampoo and be very gentle.

Drying and styling

Hairdryers produce too much pressure and heat to be used in the first days after surgery. Instead, let your hair air dry for the first month or 2 after surgery.

When you do start using the hair dryer, be sure to adjust it to the lowest heat setting. Chemicals such as dyes or styling products should be avoided for at least 2 months to ensure full healing.


FUE hair transplants are a safe and effective way to thicken hair and combat hair loss. In most cases the healing time is short and you can begin to return to normal life within a few days after surgery, so long as you follow proper after care guidelines.

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