Eyebrow treatment to create natural full brows

What Is the Best Eyebrow Treatment?

You’re familiar with the thin, overplucked eyebrow arches from the noughties – right? Gwen Stefani, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Geri Halliwell (the well-loved Ginger Spice) were some of the main celebs sporting thin eyebrows at that time.

You probably remember the first time you took to your eyebrows to create this thinner-than-thin arch. Better yet, we all had that one school friend who thought it would be a good idea to cluelessly wax them with at-home waxing strips!

Similarly to cutting your own fringe, there was some kind of fun aspect to avoiding a professional eyebrow treatment, and plucking our eyebrows to oblivion instead.


  1. How Can I Cover My Missing Eyebrows?
  2. What Is the Most Natural Looking Eyebrow Treatment?
  3. Microblading vs. An Eyebrow Hair Transplant
  4. How Much Does an Eyebrow Treatment Cost in Turkey?
  5. Conclusion

How Can I Cover My Missing Eyebrows?

By the time the ‘00s began, we stopped and realised what we had done. We had overplucked our eyebrows until we had bald patches with random stray hairs – basically, sparse brows. Thus, we simply couldn’t regrow the full brows we had in our younger years.

Although many women (including Janet Jackson) successfully styled pencil-thin eyebrows, the trend for big and bushy eyebrows quickly came around. This full brow trend, famously rocked by Cara Delevigne and Emma Watson, took the world by storm.

This left women, who fell victim to the ‘90s trend, looking for the best eyebrow treatment. Therefore, many women used a brow pencil, brows powder and eyebrow pomades to create the illusion of thicker, fuller eyebrows at home. But there is a permanent solution.

Before and after an eyebrow treatment

What are the different eyebrow treatments?

When searching the internet for the best eyebrow treatments, you will find many makeup techniques as well as surgical procedures.

The best eyebrow treatments comes down to whether you are looking to surgically put hair into your brows or whether you want a temporary solution.

Eyebrow treatment options include:

  • Brow makeup
  • Eyebrow microblading
  • Eye brow tinting
  • Eyebrow hair transplantion
  • Brow lamination
  • Eyebrow tattoos
  • Eyebrow threading and waxing
  • Brow growth serum

What Is the Most Natural Looking Eyebrow Treatment?

  1. Eyebrow Tinting
    Tinting your eyebrows is a good temporary treatment to create the appearance of fuller looking brows. However, this method only lasts for a few months before you need to get them redone.
  2. Microblading
    For fuller eyebrows, microblading (aka brow embroidery) has become an extremely popular eyebrow treatment. During this semi-permanent surgical process, very fine cuts are made in the brow area that mimics lines of eyebrow hair.Once these cuts are made, a dye is applied to the eyebrows which is left to sit for 20-30 minutes. Then it is wiped off to leave the individual lines that mimic eyebrow hair.
  3. Eyebrow Transplant
    An eyebrow transplant is the most natural looking eyebrow treatment because it uses your own hairs.Using the FUE technique (which is used for modern hair transplants), hair from the back of your head is transplanted to your eyebrows. In fact, you can choose your desired shape of the brows to frame your face. Also, you never need to go back for a touch up as it’s a one-time procedure.

Eyebrow tattooing to create semi permanent fuller brows

Microblading vs. An Eyebrow Hair Transplant

  • Microblading
    Eyebrow embroidery (aka microblading eyebrows) is a relatively new eyebrow treatment. During the procedure, tattoo ink is pressed into microincisions in the eyebrow area made with a surgical blade. These hair-like strokes require yearly top-ups (or every 18 months) as they eventually fades.

    Although brow embroidery achieves fantastic immediate results, the dye does smudge and fade over time. Also, due to all the micro-cuts made in the brows, the skin becomes scar tissue which causes damage to the existing hair follicles. Therefore, microblading can cause long-lasting damage which stops your hair from growing back.

  • Eyebrow Hair Transplant In contrast, eyebrow transplants insert hair follicles from the back of your head into your brows. The hairs are implanted in the precise direction of hair growth for a natural look.This eyebrow treatment basically puts new hairs into your brows to make them fuller, thus restoring the thickness that was lost during the ‘90s over-plucking saga. An eyebrow transplantation treatment is the only permanent solution that achieves brows with a natural texture and dimension.It’s a one-off procedure, performed by brow experts, that doesn’t require top-ups. Additionally, the results are far more natural due to the texture of the hair, compared to the flat results of tattooing.

How many grafts are needed for an eyebrow transplant?

The number of hair grafts needed for an eyebrow transplant treatment depends on the condition of the hair loss. Typically about 300 hair grafts are needed for each brow to achieve full brows. With an eyebrow treatment, you can achieve much thicker, natural brows than you can with micro-blading.

Does eyebrow transplant hair keep growing?

Actress, Megan Good, recently had an eyebrow hair transplant to thicken her brows after her heavy-plucking in the 90s. She previously tried other eyebrow treatment options but she wasn’t happy with the results. She also wanted real hair, compared to a flat colour-block type of eyebrow, so she opted for a permanent eyebrow treatment – a hair transplant.

Because the brow hair implants are taken from your head, they continue to grow like head hair. Megan Good said that she trims her brows every few days to maintain the brow shape she wants. Therefore, if she wants them to be thicker on a certain day then she lets them grow out a bit more.

This means that she can change the style of her brows whenever she likes. Hence, many brow transplant patients use eyebrow lamination in the months following their brow treatment for the perfect shape.

Eyebrow lamination helps to train the direction of brow hair growth

What is eyebrow lamination?

Eyebrow lamination refers to the full, slicked-up brows with a glossy finish that’s seen in magazines and on Instagram lately. Using a shiny, setting lotion the brow hairs are brushed vertically to achieve a fuller, natural brow. This is good after an eyebrow treatment because it helps to train your brow to maintain the right direction of growth.


For women wanting to fill their sparse brows with hair, eyebrow transplant treatments are the best solution. Not only is it a one time procedure, but you achieve the natural texture and definition you once had – maybe even better than before!

These brows are basically “designer eyebrows” because you get to choose the exact desired shape and thickness you like.

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