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Discover The Top European Cities For Hair Health

When picking the destination for summer holidays there are lots of things people consider, the temperature, things to do and price, but what a lot of people don’t consider is if the location they choose will have a negative impact on their hairline.

Studies in recent years have explained how environmental factors can contribute to the decline in the health of your hair, or even cause hair loss. Studies state that pollutants in the air have been linked to hair loss and when looking at factors such as humidity, while the humidity is not directly linked to hair loss, the sweat and excess oil production that it causes may contribute to scalp irritation indirectly affecting hair health.

With this in mind, Elithair has analysed data on different European cities to determine the best summer locations for holidaymakers looking to protect their hair. The metrics used for the index are; pH levels, air quality, humidity levels and number of hairdressers in each location available.


  1. What Are The Cities In Europe With The Healthiest Hair?
  2. What Are The Cities In Europe With The Unhealthiest Hair?
  3. Methodology

What Are The Cities In Europe With The Healthiest Hair?

Infographic showing the European cities that have the healthiest hair.

Cities have been ranked from the healthiest to least healthy. The cities with the higher score are better for protecting your hair.

1. Stockholm

  • Hair quality score: 81/100
  • While Stockholm didn’t outperform other cities in a single metric we analysed, their total score was the highest
  •  The hair quality score for Stockholm sits at 66% above the average

Stockholm takes the crown as the European city with the healthiest hair, which comes as no surprise given its world-renowned standards of living and wellness culture. Just as residents meticulously care for their iconic archipelago, they also prioritise hair care with dedication. Across the cities analysed, the average number of hairdressers was 62 within 5km of the city centre. Despite the data revealing that Stockholm had half of that at 32, their air quality score far outweighed others within the study.

The city’s air quality, free from heavy pollution, creates an ideal environment for hair to thrive, while balanced pH levels in the water supply heavily impact the hair’s cuticle health, strength, and overall scalp health. Humidity levels in Stockholm are also optimal, preventing the frizz and dryness that often plague other climates.

2. Dublin

  • Hair quality score: 74/100
  • Dublin scores second highest overall for the number of hairdressers available in the city
  • The hair quality score for Dublin sits at 51% above the average

Dublin claims second place among Europe’s elite for the healthiest hair, thanks to its harmonious blend of environmental and lifestyle factors.

Humidity levels throughout Dublin were in line with the overall average across the cities analysed, striking the perfect balance, preventing both frizz and excessive dryness, and allowing hair to maintain its natural moisture and shine.

Boasting the second-highest result overall for the number of hairdressers available in the city, Dublin has a huge 298 hairdressing facilities within 5km of the city centre ensuring residents have access to expert hair care and personalised treatments. 

3. Oslo

  • Hair quality score: 73/100
  • Oslo performed best when we were measuring the pH levels of water in the city
  • The hair quality score for Oslo sits at 49% above the average

Placing third in the study is Oslo, Norway. The city boasts the best pH levels in its water supply out of all the cities analysed, perfectly aligned with hair’s natural acidity, which helps to ensure that cuticles remain smooth and resilient. 

Oslo also ranked highly when it came to air quality, with PM2.5 levels 70% below the average across the cities analysed. PM2.5 can settle on the scalp, leading to irritation and potentially clogging hair follicles. 

Despite having one of the lowest results for the number of hairdressers with just 9 within walking distance of the centre, Oslo still ranks within the top 5.

4. Edinburgh

  • Hair quality score: 69/100
  • Edinburgh’s score comes in the same as 5th place Geneva but scores higher pH levels, air quality and hairdressers in the area
  • The hair quality score for Edinburgh sits at 41% above the average

Securing a commendable spot in the rankings is Edinburgh, Scotland. Tying with Geneva for fifth place, Edinburgh distinguishes itself with better pH levels in the city’s water supply. Edinburgh also had one of the lowest scores for humidity throughout the study, second only to Manchester.

The city’s commitment to clean air is also a factor, with PM2.5 levels well below the average. Edinburgh has a total of 203 hairdressers close to the city centre, ensuring residents have ample access to professional hair care. Overall, Edinburgh’s hair quality score sits at 41% higher than the study’s average.

5. Geneva

  • Hair quality score: 69/100
  • Geneva’s score comes in the same as 4th place Edinburgh and while underperforming in comparison has a very high score for humidity
  • The hair quality score for Geneva sits at 41% above the average

Geneva, Switzerland, secures 5th place in the top rankings with a notable hair quality score of 69/100, matching that of fourth-place Edinburgh. 

Despite having the highest PM2.5 levels among the top five cities analysed, which can lead to scalp irritation and potential hair follicle damage, Geneva stands out amongst these cities for their hair care infrastructure, and commitment to environmental stewardship ensures that residents have access to top-tier hair care solutions.

What Are The Cities In Europe With The Unhealthiest Hair?

Infographic showing the European cities that have the unhealthiest hair.

1. Venice

  • Hair quality score: 19/100
  • Venice saw the highest levels of pH, indicating a prevalence of hard water 
  • The hair quality score for Venice sits at 61% below the average

Venice, Italy, ranks at the bottom of the study, making it the least favourable city for hair health. The city had the highest pH levels in its water supply, which typically indicates hard water and can lead to mineral buildup and potential hair damage.

Venice also faces challenges with its air quality, ranking second lowest among the cities analysed. A limited number of hairdressing facilities also impacted the city’s score, with just 11 in the area, making it less accessible for residents seeking professional hair care services. 

2. Krakow

  • Hair quality score: 22/100
  • Krakow saw the highest PM2.5 score of all the cities analysed
  • The hair quality score for Krakow sits at 55% below the average

Despite having the same number of hairdressing facilities as Venice, with just 11 in the area, Krakow, Poland, faces significant challenges with its air quality. 

The city gained global attention when it was recorded as having the second-highest levels of air pollution in the world in December 2023. This severe air pollution, often exceeding safe limits for pollutants such as PM2.5, poses a serious risk to scalp health, potentially leading to irritation, inflammation, and damage to hair follicles. 

As one of two Polish cities in the bottom 10 of the study, Krakow’s environmental conditions cement its place as one of the European cities with the unhealthiest hair.

3. Warsaw

  • Hair quality score: 24/100
  • Warsaw 
  • The hair quality score for Warsaw sits at 51% below the average

Warsaw, Poland, is also positioned in the lower rankings of the study, highlighting the difficulties the city encounters in preserving hair health. 

Despite having 20 salons, almost twice as many as Krakow, the city sees elevated humidity levels, resulting in frizz and moisture imbalances that could impact overall hair health. 

Although Warsaw received a better score for air quality, the city still wrestles with substantial air pollution problems that can impact scalp health and contribute to hair damage.

The contrast between European cities with the healthiest and unhealthiest hair highlights the significant influence of both environmental and lifestyle factors on personal well-being.


We analysed the following sources for the most popular tourist destinations across several European nations.