Make Your Hair Transplant in Turkey With Elithair!

Dr Balwi and his medical team are on hand to welcome you to Istanbul in order to help you recover your lost hair!

  • Biggest hair loss clinic in the world
  • Luxury hotel rooms inside the clinic
  • 6,500+ positive ratings
  • 99% Recommendation rate
  • Exclusive NEOFUE® preparation
Free Hair Analysis Duration: 2 minutes only
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Hair Surgery

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Why Get a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

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Are you suffering from hereditary hair loss, a receding hairline or insufficient beard growth? Then a hair surgery in Istanbul is your solution to permanently resolve those baldness issues.

In most cases, hair loss is genetic and can therefore be treated. At Elithair, you will be looked after by accomplished specialists during your hair transplant in Turkey, who only use the latest techniques such as the DHI method.

The country on the Bosporus is the best place to go for professional hair treatments and above all impresses with its in-depth expertise and high quality standard.

Free Hair Analysis

Finally a Permanent Solution for Your Hair Loss!

Dr Balwi and his team are to help you find a solution. With the right treatment, your hair loss can be successfully eliminated.

Whether it’s the hair on your head or your face – we always have the perfect method and the best techniques for you.

Dr Balwi

Meet Our Lead Doctor at Elithair

Dr. Balwi and a few memebers of his team in Turkey

To provide the highest quality and flawless final results – those are Dr Balwi’s goals as the leading doctor of our clinic in Istanbul.

Having himself suffered from hair loss, he is able to perfectly understand our patient’s needs. He is also renowned for innovations like the NEO FUE and the SDHI Technique that are exclusive to Elithair.

Thanks to his many years of experience, he is proud to provide renewed hair growth and improved confidence to our patients.

Secure a Successful Hair Surgery in 3 Steps

1. Free Hair Analysis

Get a comprehensive analysis of your current hair loss. Completely free of charge and without obligation.

2. Personal Interview

All your questions regarding hair transplantation in Turkey will be clarified in a non-binding telephone interview.

3. Trip to Istanbul

Thanks to your personal all-inclusive offer, you don’t have to worry about anything and can relax and enjoy your trip.

Start Your Hair Analysis Now!

Would you like to finally put an end to hair loss? Getting your hair back is as easy as selecting your gender to start your free hair analysis. Don’t hesitate any longer and recover perfect hair today!

Your Hair Restoration Journey in Turkey

Infographic showing the 4 steps of a hair transplant procedure in Turkey

Everything is already planned for your treatment in Istanbul. Benefit from a perfectly optimised hair transplant process in Turkey.

Everything is organised for you, from accommodation in luxury rooms in the clinic to the personal preliminary examination by our doctors.

All our support in Istanbul is provided by our English-speaking employees. You’ll be back home within 72 hours.

How Much Will My Hair Transplant Cost?

infographic showing the hair transplant price differences between turkey and the UK

State subsidies and lower cost of living makes it possible for our medical teams to provide surgery at a lower cost than in the UK – along with being at an even higher quality!

The price of your hair restoration in Turkey is determined by two factors. The required number of grafts from your donor area and the appropriate hair transplant technique.

Don’t hesitate and get a free consultation and non-binding offer from your expert.

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Why Choose Elithair?

Appealing all-inclusive package prices and a perfect end result are not all that distinguishes Elithair as the best hair transplantation in Istanbul.

In addition to the expertise of the entire team, you will benefit from many exclusive advantages that you will only receive from Dr Balwi and his specialists.

Advantages with Elithair Elithair Others
• Hotel + Transfer
• 1 Free PRP
• Blood test on site
• Care Products
• Largest hair clinic in the world
• Luxury rooms in the clinic
• Sleep-Deep Method: 0% pain
• Exclusive NEOFUE® Technique
• Biggest DHI team in the world
• Exclusive Elit Skala hair loss scale

Testimonials From Our Patients

Nico G.

„I can’t put in to words how satisfied I am with the result. The best decision in my life.“

2.800 Grafts
Melissa Z.

„I’m so glad that I had a hair transplant. My happiness is all that matters.“

2.700 Grafts
Jhaki P.

„When I look in the mirror today, I can’t imagine not having a beard.“

4.200 Grafts


Benefit From Elithair’s Innovation!

infographics showing a 3d hair follicle

Created by Dr. Balwi, the NEO FUE technique is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of graft removal. The unique formula consists of a high-quality serum which provides your individual hair grafts the optimal nutrients they need before the transplant.

As a patient, you will receive our NEO FUE package before your treatment at our hair transplant clinic in Turkey. It provides many advantages:

  • Higher growth rate of up to 98%
  • Stronger hair follicles
  • Faster healing phase
More About the NEO FUE

Thank You for Your Trust!


Why Should I Get a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is considered the European centre for hair surgery. Here you will find the best and most renowned hair transplant surgeons for your procedure.

At Elithair, we treat you with the expertise obtained from over 50,000 successful treatments, 15 years of experience and the latest, cutting-edge techniques.

What is So Special About Elithair?

As Europe’s No.1 for hair transplants, we have the largest hair clinic in the world. With 13 floors and a total area of ​​over 18,000 m², you are in the best hands with our specialists.

In addition to using the latest methods, our senior physician Dr. Balwi and his experienced team also have their own exclusive techniques that are only offered to our patients.

With our innovative NEO FUE method, an increased growth rate of your grafts of up to 98% can be achieved.

Will I Experience Pain During the Treatment?

Elithair has recently developed an exclusive method that guarantees 0% pain during your treatment.

This is: the Sleep-Deep method.

With the Sleep-Deep method, an anaesthetic is administered to the patient intravenously, which puts him or her into a deep sleep for 15 minutes. During this time, the local anaesthesia takes place. Thus, Elithair guarantees 0% pain during the treatment.

Hundreds of patients have already confirmed this.

What is Included in My Procedure?

As the market leader, it goes without saying that we devote all our attention to you during your hair transplant in Istanbul. For this reason, the following services are always included for you:

  • Largest hair clinic in the world
  • Luxury room in the clinic
  • Exclusive NEO FUE®
  • English-speaking translators on site
  • 1 PRP treatment
  • Medication & hair care products
  • Modern DHI methods
  • VIP shuttle on site
Is a Hair Transplant in Turkey Dangerous?

No. Due to our extensive experience and established procedures, we can assure you that there are minimal risks. Our minimally invasive procedures are performed by absolute specialists, so that we can offer you the best hair transplant experience in Turkey.

At Elithair, we attach great importance to effective hygiene and safety measures for all our patients. Risks cannot be completely ruled out, but they rarely occur with us.