how good is nettle for hair loss

How good is the stinging nettle for hair loss?

Nettle is a plant that grows spontaneously in many places and is a powerful ingredient for hair loss. The hair demands certain care in view of that it can be affected by diverse environmental factors.

Added to this, the action of free radicals on the scalp is quite strong. It causes deterioration of the skin and, in the long run, causes the appearance of dandruff and other conditions.

Fortunately, to take care of the health of our hair there are several alternatives in order to counteract the damage and promote growth, enhance shine, and so on. It should be noted that most of the alternatives that are more beneficial have a natural origin.


  1. Using nettle for hair loss, is it effective?
  2. What are the benefits of using nettles for hair?
  3. Conclusion: How do you use nettle tea for hair loss?

Using nettle for hair loss, is it effective?

is nettle effective against hair lossNettle is a very common plant that grows all over the UK – especially in our gardens. They particularly like to grow in humid areas, usually near a water source (lake, river, pond, etc.). However, this prickly plant causes a temporary itchy rash when it touches our skin. Hence why it’s part of the group of “weeds” that we often want to remove – especially from our gardens.

Also known as Urtica Dioica, the nettle is a plant that is characterised by its many herbal, medical benefits including:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • May lower blood pressure
  • Potentially aid in blood sugar control
  • Natural diuretic
  • Anti-oxidant

Its use in medicine can be varied, although it is usually consumed as Urtica Dioica tea, nettle oil or cooked with. The plant’s anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant properties help to protect the scalp from damage. Furthermore, it stimulates hair growth.

What part of the nettle should I use for hair?

  • Nettle root for hair loss:Stinging nettle root extract has the ability to reduce inflammation. When excess sebum is produced on the scalp it causes your hair to become greasy which clogs your pores and prevents hair growth. Free radicals and pollutants can cause your scalp to become inflamed. Due to the antimicrobial properties nettle root extract is effective at treating an itchy scalp.
  • Nettle seed oil for hair: It’s effective for stimulating hair follicles. You can use it by adding a few drops to your regular hair oil for additional benefits. Additionally, applying it along the hairline can help to promote growth in this area.
  • Nettle leaves for hair loss: To use nettle leaves for hair loss firstly steep a bunch of leaves in boiling water. Secondly, strain them and then use the nettle water as a hair rinse. Pour the water over your head, allowing the nettle water to work its way down from the roots all the way to the tips. After this, shampoo your hair as normal. This helps with preventing dandruff and taming an oily scalp.

What are the benefits of using nettles for hair?

Stinging nettle leaves, root and seeds have numerous benefits for our skin, hair and general health. They provide a range of nutrients including:

  • Vitamins A, C and K, as well as several B vitamins
  • Minerals including calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus
  • Amino acids
  • Polyphenols such as kaempferol, caffeic acid, coumarins, quercetin
  • Pigments: lutein, luteoxanthin, beta-carotene

These nutrients can give your hair follicles a boost in health in order to produce stronger, healthier hair. What’s more, most of these nutrients are antioxidants that help to defend our body against free radicals.

Nettle is widely used in hair care products because it helps regulate the production of sebum. Consequently, it also promotes capillary health, by cleansing the accumulated toxins.

People who use this plant usually include some leaves inside their usual shampoo to take advantage of their benefits. On the other hand, they can also include it in their homemade hair masks, and so on.

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Regulates the production of sebum

Nettles regulate the production of sebum by cleansing the toxins and bacteria on the scalp. Excess sebum clogs pores and hair follicles, thus stunting growth. Therefore thoroughly cleansing the scalp provides an ideal environment for hair growth.

Strengthens the hair

When nettles are used regularly, your hair strength considerably improves. As mentioned above, this plant is rich in vitamins and minerals which has a huge impact on your hair strength.

To explain, when your hair is regularly nourished with a nutrient-rich solution, the quality of your hair improves. Therefore, after just one week of use, the hair takes on a much healthier appearance.

Conclusion: How do you use nettle tea for hair loss?

nettle tea is the most convenient way to harness its benefits for your hairTo take advantage of the benefits of this plant, for your hair, you can either apply an oil, create a homemade rinse or use nettle root extract. The most convenient way to use nettles for your hair is to create a rinse using fresh leaves.

Once you have them you can place them in a pot to boil with 200ml of water. When the water reaches its boiling point, add the leaves and lower the intensity of the heat. Wait 5 minutes and then turn off the heat.

You can drink this infusion or place it in your hair after washing it with your usual shampoo. Repeat this procedure frequently and you will see the results little by little. You can also take advantage of the leaves of the plant by including them in green smoothies, stews, salads, etc. You have to be creative!

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