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How you can prevent seasonal hair loss and strengthen your roots

Seasonal hair loss is something that we all experience. However, it can be alarming when we look at our hairbrush and there are more strands than usual. Undeniably, we all want healthy hair and strong roots, don’t we? As part of our hair growth cycle, humans shed an average of 80-100 hairs a day. This amount of hair shedding is considered completely normal. There are three main stages of hair growth: anagen phase (growth), catagen (the transition phase), and telogen (resting/ shedding phase).

What about when it comes to the autumn and winter months? As you wash and style your hair, are you losing more hair than usual? Don’t worry, we’re here to help answer all the questions on seasonal shedding! We’ll also explain how you can maintain your hair and strengthen your roots.


  1. Why am I suddenly shedding so much hair?
  2. What causes seasonal hair loss?
  3. What months do you lose more hair?
  4. Does seasonal hair loss grow back?
  5. Conclusion

Why am I suddenly shedding so much hair?

A man accessing how much his hair in thinningIf you’re shedding more hair than usual during the late autumn and winter months, you might be dealing with seasonal hair loss.

To explain, the changes in the weather can directly impact the amount of hair we shed. Seasonal hair shedding begins after the summer months, peaks during the autumn months and generally carries through into the winter.

What causes seasonal hair loss?

Indeed, there are various explanations for seasonal hair loss. Dermatologist, Emily Wise Shanahan says that in the summer months we hang on to more hair to benefit from increased sun protection. Therefore, when we begin shifting into late autumn/ early winter our hair makes a transition into the shedding phase.

In a conversation with Allure, Jeremy Fenton, a New York based dermatologist mentions that seasonal hair loss is thought to be based on evolution.

Furthermore, the body creates more hair in the summer to protect the scalp and is also about the body minimising hair loss in the winter months.

It’s the body responding in a hormonal manner to the changes in our day and environment. Increased exposure to daylight can trigger hair to enter the telogen phase which then causes more hair to shed.

How long does seasonal hair loss last?

With the shift in the seasons, afterwards comes the telogen phase. The telogen phase begins towards the end of summer and usually lasts around three months.

Before that, the hair is in the resting phase (as opposed to growing) and so shedding becomes more noticeable. To summarise, the shedding starts at the end of the summer months through to the beginning of autumn.

What months do you lose more hair?

Dermatologist Fenton mentions that we have the highest number of hairs in the telogen phase in July and also a second smaller peak in April.

However, this is nothing to worry about. To emphasise, the hairs aren’t lost forever as healthy hair follicles will cycle back around into the growth phase.

Does seasonal hair loss grow back?

It’s been shown that seasonal hair loss is more likely to affect women more than men. It occurs during the autumn months (mainly September and October) and also the spring season (April and May). This is just human nature and is the body’s normal cycle – your hair growth will return to normal.

How do you treat seasonal hair loss?

As soon as the seasons change it’s important to take extra care of our hair and scalp. Healthy hair begins with healthy hair follicles. There are a number of ways to minimise seasonal hair loss and ensure you strengthen your roots.

  • Take care of your scalp: Using the correct tools and products will do wonders for your hair health and your scalp. Why not try Dr Balwi’s 98% Aloe Vera Gel, it’s perfect for nourishing the scalp and strengthening your roots.
  • Ensure you have a healthy diet: Keratin – known as the building block of hair – is made up of amino acids. Thus incorporating amino acids into your diet is beneficial for hair growth and keeping them healthy from the roots. By introducing chicken, broccoli, nuts, seafood and dairy products like eggs and yoghurt into your diet you’ll be consuming foods that are rich in amino acids.
  • Keep your hair hydrated and moisturised: Make sure you drink plenty of water and use the correct hair products for your hair type. Invest in a good hair care routine and some deep conditioning masks to keep your hair hydrated and strong.
  • Limit the amount of heat you use on your hair: Find some hairstyles that you can try without heat and thus only style your hair with heat when necessary.
  • Hair supplements: Hair supplements and vitamins can strengthen the hair and thicken strands to improve hair health.


Seasonal hair loss products to maintain healthy hairThroughout the year your hair goes through two cycles. Firstly the hair growth cycle and secondly a seasonal hair loss cycle.

In this instance, your hair sheds and regrows new strong hairs to replace them. The reason for seasonal shedding is mainly for sun protection, whereby a thicker hair density protects your scalp.

Get in touch with us and we’ll send you results, and a plan specifically tailored to suit your hair or if you find that your hair loss is occurring more than twice a year we recommend that you consult your doctor.

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