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What are the natural treatments for dry hair?

Finding a natural treatment for dry hair is a daunting task. You can find yourself on an endless cycle of trial and error until you find the most effective product. Hair gets frizzy when you don’t provide it with the correct level of maintenance, and when you cause it to dry out too much. Additionally, frizz occurs when you use hot styling tools too often and expose it to chemicals that make the hair lose its shape.

Humid weather worsens the condition of frizzy hair. Dry hair absorbs more moisture from the air, making the outer layer swell which causes the hair strands to “frizz”. Hair masks and natural remedies restore the hair’s moisture which is essential for restoring the hair structure.


  1. How do you know when your hair is dry?
  2. What is dry hair a sign of?
  3. How can I repair my damaged hair naturally at home?
  4. How do you moisturise dry hair?
  5. Conclusion

How do you know when your hair is dry?

Usually, it’s easy to identify damaged hair as the strands will feel dry. You can feel whether your hair is dry by simply running your fingers through your hair, sometimes short strands will break off.

Also, you will experience a lot of frizziness, especially after washing your hair and in humid environments. Another sign of dry hair is split ends which is an obvious sign that your hair needs better hair care.

Thankfully, dry and damaged hair can be improved with natural treatments for dry hair which restore the moisture and nourish the strands.

The porosity varies depending on your hair type, therefore will need to work out what level of moisture your hair needs.

Is there a way to test hair porosity?

The float test can be used to measure hair porosity. Any person can do a simple water test. The first step involves applying shampoo to the hair and rinsing it with clean cold water to remove the build-up of products.

Allow the hair to dry and pick one strand, then drop the strand into a container filled with water. After approximately four minutes, observe the position of the strand. Is it at the bottom of the bowl, or it’s floating?

Hair with low porosity will be at the water surface, and the median porosity hair will remain suspended at the middle. The high porosity hair, which is likely to get dry quickly, will sink.

The porosity outcomes will help you determine the best natural treatment for dry hair as you will know whether your hair needs a lot of moisture or not.

What is dry hair a sign of?

When hair is dry, it looks dull and frizzy. Dry and damaged hair is never selective; it can affect both men and women equally.

However, individuals who regularly use hot styling tools and change their hair colour with dye will often experience dry hair more severely than those who don’t. Straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers take moisture out of your hair, thus damaging hair strands.

The hair structure consists of three layers, the top layer is the one that becomes the most damaged due to external factors.

Therefore when you use a natural treatment for dry hair, the formula deeply nourishes the outer layer. This restores the moisture level of the strands and thus reduces frizz.

If you have healthy hair, natural oils offer protection and reflect sunlight making your hair appear shiny. The two important signs of healthy hair include shine and a smooth texture. When you have dry hair, the outer layer is damaged, making it unhealthy and with a dull appearance.

Can dry hair be caused by a medical condition?

In some cases, dry and damaged hair can be due to some underlying health conditions that affect the ability of hair to retain moisture. Such examples include:

  • Hypoparathyroidism: the little parathyroid hormone is available; therefore, the calcium levels in circulation are decreased. Calcium is the primary nutrient needed for healthy hair, strong bones, teeth and other body tissues.
  • Hypothyroidism: The thyroid glands produce a reduced amount of thyroid hormone. Brittle hair is the earliest system of hypothyroidism.
  • Anorexia nervosa: It’s an eating disorder that easily elicits malnutrition. If not addressed, it can lead to dry and brittle hair associated with other more serious complications.
  • Menkes syndrome: It’s a genetic condition in which the cells cannot produce enough copper. A low level of copper affects your general health and also the hair making it stay dry.

How can I repair my damaged hair naturally at home?

Trim your hair

man getting a hair cutSplit ends are easy to manage, trimming the ends of your hair every couple of months is ideal to keep your hair healthy.

Hair cuts are one of the easiest ways to keep your hair in a good condition. Furthermore, a good hairstyling routine is essential to prevent your hair from getting damaged.

Add omega-3 and antioxidants to your diet

Omega-3 is also a natural treatment for dry hair that helps in preventing your hair from getting brittle. The fatty acid constituent builds the oil in the sebaceous gland making your hair shiny.

The best fish proteins can be sourced from:

  • Tuna
  • Sardines
  • Oysters
  • Salmon
  • Mackerel

Natural remedies also include antioxidants that prevent the oxidative stress that makes your hair appear dull. The foods rich in antioxidants include:

  • Kidney beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Walnuts
  • Broccoli
  • Blueberries

Don’t wash your hair every day

Hair shampoo is mainly used to remove the build-up of natural oils, but also hair products and dead skin cells. However, some brands contain chemicals that tend to also strip too much sebum from your hair.

Sebum is a naturally occurring oil that naturally moisturises your hair. When sebum is at an acceptable level, the hair will appear shiny, however too much also gives a greasy appearance.

You shouldn’t remove sebum everyday by washing your hair everyday day, you should only shampoo your hair 2-3 times per week.

How often you wash your hair also depends on your hair type and some hair type become greasier more quickly than others.

How do you moisturise dry hair?

homemade hair mask with coconut oilA natural treatment for dry hair should address the lack of moisture in your hair, which leads to a frizzy and rough texture. Here are a few tips to retain the moisture in your hair:

  • Air drying your hair instead of blow-drying helps your hair to hold the moisture in instead of drying out your strands.
  • Using a moisturising hair mask at least once a week helps to nourish your strands and lock-in vital oils. Hair masks include oil-rich treatments (such as coconut oil masks) or fruit masks (e.g. banana and avocado hair masks).
  • Apply a smoothing hair oil to your strands after each hair wash to restore the moisture content that has been lost. This also creates a protective barrier on the strands to help prevent drying.

What is the best vitamin for dry hair?

Taking enough vitamins is another natural treatment for dry hair that shouldn’t be overlooked. There are specific vitamins that are essential for the growth of healthy hair. Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and mineral iron contribute to improving the integral strength of your hair.

Have you tried Dr. Balwi’s food supplements?

Thanks to a unique combination of ingredients your hair receives the essential nutrients that nourish the roots and hair, and prevent their loss. This is because our food supplements contains all the essential nutrients for your hair. Therefore unlike ordinary hair care products, ours tackle the problem at the root. Because a stronger and vitalised scalp produces more resistant and, of course, more silky hair!

Which oil is best for very dry hair?

Natural hair oils are ideal for dry hair as many oils contain beneficial nutrients. Coconut oil, black cumin oil, jojoba oil and argan oil are some of the most beneficial oils for your strands.

Black cumin oil is enriched with minerals, amino acids and vitamins that improve hair growth. When used for a longer period, the results are remarkable. It supplies all the nutrients your hair needs for a natural shine.

Is coconut oil good for dry hair?

Coconut oil is also known as a natural emollient. It fills the gaps in hair strands already damaged by the sun or excess heat. Coconut oil is more efficient because it can penetrate the hair fibres to make them strong.

To treat your dry hair with coconut oil, follow these tips:

  • Heat the oil slightly in a pan but no too much as you don’t want to burn your scalp.
  • Rub the coconut oil between your palms and apply it over the hair focusing more on the tips. Also, give yourself a slight scalp massage.
  • Ensure that your hair is saturated with coconut oil. Leave it for about 20 minutes.
  • Then wash your hair as normal.


Hair is a tiny strand that tells a lot about your overall health. Dry hair is a clear indication that something is damaging it. If the condition is left untreated, the hair becomes brittle, and within a short time, it will fray or break away easily.

It’s clear enough that hair becomes dry when it’s not supplied with enough moisture. A natural treatment for dry hair is the ideal remedy to create healthy hair.

Heat styling, smoking, sun exposure, and humidity contribute to dry and damaged hair. The more direct remedy is avoiding such factors.

However, there are other natural treatments for dry hair, including regular trimming, eating vitamins, fatty acids and oil hair masks.

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