the dermaroller is the most an essential tool for microneedling but does it really work

Why Should You Try Microneedling?

If you’ve spent time on the internet looking at beauty trends it’s likely you’ve come across microneedling. But what exactly is it? In this cosmetic procedure, a special tool called a derma roller is used and miniscule needles puncture the skin in order to promote rejuvenation.

While it may sound a bit scary, the tiny incisions only reach the surface level of the skin and just feels like a little pinprick. If you’ve thought about trying home microneedling we have all the facts you need.


  1. How Does Microneedling Work?
  2. When Can You See Results From Microneedling?
  3. How Often Should You Microneedle?
  4. Are There Any People Who Shouldn’t Microneedle?
  5. Have You Tried Elithair’s Microneedling Set?

How Does Microneedling Work?


Microneedling works by creating microscopic cuts in the skin with tiny needles which sends signals to heal the affected area. It is most commonly seen as a facial treatment for skin care including issues like acne scars and stretch marks in order to improve the skin texture using sterilized needles. However derma rolling treatments can be done on other areas of your skin along with on your hair. This is becoming more popular with the increase in quality of home devices and as it is an inexpensive alternative to laser treatments. 

As the hair follicles on the scalp are stimulated thanks to the microneedling, the body is encouraged to create more collagen. This increase allows for skin rejuvenation along with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. This is why microneedling is also sometimes referred to as collagen induction therapy. The production of collagen helps to prevent hair loss and promotes hair growth. By waking dormant hair follicles from the telogen phase of the hair cycle, new hair is free to grow. 


After opening the hair follicles with a derma roller there is natural collagen production but it’s also a great opportunity to apply a hair serum to further enhance hair growth. Applying a serum at this point allows for deeper penetration for nutrients in the scalp as the skin has been punctured and is more receptive. 

The process of injecting vitamins and supplements into the skin is known as mesotherapy and has been practised for decades. Dr. Balwi’s Mesotherapy Set is tailor made for hair growth and preventing hair loss with its beneficial blend of natural plant extracts.

When Can You See Results From Microneedling?

can microneedling really enhance hair growth

Short Term

Directly after the treatment, the skin will appear pink and luminous as the area has been stimulated. While the benefits of microneedling can be observed more quickly when applied to the face it also means it may look red and take a while to recover. You can start to notice how mesotherapy works after just a couple of weeks using a derma roller with your hair. Multiple sessions over an extended period of time provide the best results though as it is not a “quick fix”.

Long Term

Following sustained application you can see enhanced results as collagen is being consistently produced. Our Mesotherapy Set contains 10 serums infused with for example hyaluronic acid along with natural extracts for sustained application over a long term period. These benefit the hair follicles after the area has been stimulated with the dermaroller. 

This minimally invasive technique can be performed from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace making it perfect for continuous application. The results are impressive with one study finding that there was an increase in collagen and elastin production by up to 400% after just 6 months of treatment.

How Often Should You Microneedle?

The applications for skin and hair follicles have different resting phases before you can use the dermaroller again. While when microneedling on your face you need to wait between 4-6 weeks, we recommend that you can use the dermaroller on your scalp every 10 days. Any more than this and it can cause broken capillaries in the follicles so allowing for a complete recovery between uses is important. 

Directly after treatment you shouldn’t do anything too strenuous in order to give the follicles a chance to accept the serum. The hair follicles will be more sensitive to the sun after microneedling so it’s important to not be in direct sunlight for too long and use products that have UV protection. Avoid anything that will cause excess sweat such as going to the gym or hot yoga. 

Staying away from anywhere that has a lot of germs such as swimming pools or oceans should also be considered as there is a chance of infection once the follicles are exposed and vulnerable. Ensuring that your microneedling tools are properly disinfected before each session is also critical for this reason. In general though as the cosmetic procedure isn’t invasive, the recovery period is quite short.

Are There Any People Who Shouldn’t Microneedle?

While microneedling is a safe and convenient cosmetic treatment when performed at home, there are some people who should avoid it in case of negative side effects. These include pregnant people, those with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, anyone with a history of scarring skin and people who’ve recently had radiation therapy. 

If you see any extreme side effects after treatment including bleeding, bruising, infection or peeling then you should contact a doctor. There may be a mild irritation of the skin following microneedling but this is fairly normal and will resolve itself quickly. It may be advisable to halt medications like ibuprofen and retinoids before the process in order to reduce the chance of any potential side effects. 

Have You Tried Elithair’s Microneedling Set?

We stand behind the microneedling process as we’ve found its benefits to hair health to be impressive. We even use the procedure prior to hair transplants in order to achieve the best results with the NEO FUE technique. For microneedling at home, Dr. Balwi’s Mesotherapy Set provides strengthened hair while promoting growth and preventing hair loss.

The increased blood circulation after stimulating the scalp with titanium needles over stainless steel ones allows for the follicles to be stimulated especially after being infused with organic vitamins and nutrients from the provided serum.

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