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Your Guide to Keratin Treatment Hair Products

If you’re faced with damaged or brittle hair, you are likely looking for products to restore your thick, shiny strands. There’s an abundance of hair products on the market, making it difficult to navigate which work best.

We recommend looking for products that include the protein keratin. Below is everything you need to know about keratin hair treatment products.


  1. What is Keratin?
  2. What’s a good, effective keratin treatment for hair?
  3. How does keratin repair damaged hair?
  4. Can keratin help to grow hair?
  5. Conclusion

What is Keratin?

chemical structure of human keratin

Keratin is a fibrous structural protein found in the hair, skin, and nails of the human body. This protein is arranged in a helical shape, allowing for flexibility and movement. Up to 90% of hair is composed of it.

Although it’s less prone to damage than other types of proteins, its outer layer can be compromised. When the surface of a hair cuticle is weakened, it can affect the underlying proteins as well. This leads to dull, dry hair.

What’s a good, effective keratin treatment for hair?

Keratin smooths down the cells that overlap each other to form your hair strands. The end results depend on the kind of treatment you use and your hair type, but generally, the hair becomes glossy and easier to style.

This hair treatment works by using keratin that’s derived from natural sources such as the feathers, horns, or wool from other animals. It’s applied to the hair with the purpose of filling in any holes on the outside of the cuticle caused by damage. The extracted protein is then added in the following ways:

1. Keratin shampoo

This shampoo formula gently coats the hairs with a keratin solution that’s suitable for frequent use. It works by providing nourishment after washing your hair to smooth the strands and provide sleek hair every day.

Dr. Balwi recommends using a sulfate free shampoo that’s enriched with keratin as a way to combat hair loss. When used regularly, the formula helps to strengthen the smooth hair strands and improve the general condition of the hair.

2. An intensive hair treatment

The end result of this intensive smoothing treatment also known as a Brazilian blowout, depends on the kind of formula that you use and your hair type. While the blow dry may help with controlling frizzy hair, it may not be suitable for thin hair as it can cause breakage. With an intensive keratin hair treatment, you can expect semi-permanent results to last for 4-6 months.

Long-lasting, intensive hair treatments like this to straighten your hair with a flat iron should be performed in a hair salon to ensure that there’s no over processing that can cause damage. The chemicals within these treatments such as carcinogenic formaldehyde can be harsh to the hair if not used correctly as well as damaging for your health. Therefore it’s best to ask for a formaldehyde free treatment if you go with this option.

3. Diet supplements

Taking keratin in the form of a dietary supplement supplies the hair follicles with the protein needed for healthy hair growth. A supplement will not have the same effect of repairing present hair cuticles, but it will promote the growth of strong, shiny hair and improve hair texture.

The product that will work best for you depends on your hair type and your hair concerns. Sometimes, a combination of the products can be used to maximise the benefit.

How does keratin repair damaged hair?

how does keratin repair damaged hair

Keratin serves as an impermeable protective barrier for hair cuticles. When hair is damaged, the cuticle becomes porous, allowing moisture to enter. The strand then swells, resulting in fragile, dull, or dry hair. A treatment or shampoo containing this protein repairs damaged hair by restoring the protective barrier which also prevents further damage.

Can keratin help to grow hair?

While keratin does not inherently cause hair to grow faster than its normal rate, it can prevent breakage which protects the hair that’s already present. Therefore, it helps to maintain a thick head of hair to combat hair loss.

If you are experiencing hair loss due to androgenic alopecia, telogen effluvium, or other reasons, using a shampoo with keratin can help to slow down the hair loss process. It cannot entirely reverse the effects of hair loss, but it can be beneficial for preventing further damage or breakage.

can hair grow back after it started thinning


There are many shampoos and conditioners on the market that can help treat damaged or thinning hair. A great option is keratin-rich formulas that come in the form of hair treatments, shampoos, or dietary supplements.

Keratin consumed through an oral supplement or enriched shampoo will provide the body with the nutrients it needs to maintain healthy follicles. In addition to keratin, a well-balanced diet and a hair care routine that prevents damage can foster healthy hair. With the proper care, a thicker, stronger, shinier mane can be restored.

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