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Tips for how to grow long hair: fast, healthy and thick

When you compare yourself to people with lush, long and thick hair you’ll start wondering how to grow long hair like them. However, growing long hair can seem like a lengthy battle. Especially as, on average, the hair on the scalp grows 6 inches per year. Nevertheless hair growth rates drastically vary among both men and women alike.

Growing long hair can be a case of finding the right products for your hair type. As well as reducing the use of hot tools on your hair, washing hair more often or not as often.


  1. Can everyone grow their hair long?
  2. How can you achieve long hair growth?
  3. How can you grow long hair quickly at home?
  4. Can hair regrow on a bald area?
  5. Conclusion

Can everyone grow their hair long?

can everyone grow long hair

Everyone can grow their hair, although to grow long hair greatly depends on your hair growth cycle. Some people have difficulty growing their hair long because their anagen phase is short. Otherwise known as the active growth stage. This means people with long hair are the opposite, so they have a long active growth period.

In comparison to the hairs on your head, the hairs on the rest of your body don’t grow as long. This is because the hair on your body has an incredibly short anagen stage of only 30-45 days. Hence why the hairs on your arms, legs, eyebrows and eyelashes are so short.

How can you achieve long hair growth?

Even though genetics play a big role in your hair growth, maintaining healthy hair is also important. Everyone’s hair is different, so for some people, one method works better than another.

Here are our top 10 tips for long hair growth:

  • Regular hair cuts: It seems counterproductive, but trimming your hair gets rid of split-ends which cause further damage and hair loss. If split ends are left, the hairs then gradually continue to split all the way up the hair shaft to the root.
  • Don’t use hair dye: The chemicals within these products are harsh on the hair shaft and subsequently damage the hair cuticles. The damage caused by these chemicals causes brittle hair which easily snaps off or gets split ends.
  • Distribute natural oils: During the day natural oils build up on your scalp that are beneficial when brushed through the strands between washes. Therefore you should brush your hair when its dry with a soft boar bristle brush at night can help with hair growth. Its recommended to wash your hair 2-3 times a week in order to ensure that natural oils are kept without stunting growth.
  • Use natural hair products: Using natural products, such as hair oils, are highly beneficial for nourishing the hair with essential proteins. They wrap the hairs in a protective layer that defends against UV rays and heat damage.
  • Eat a balanced diet: Consuming the right foods also plays a huge role in the health of your hair. A healthy diet that’s high in protein, like fish, beans, nuts and whole grains are all very beneficial for hair growth. Additionally taking vitamin supplements like Vitamin D and Biotin alongside a healthy diet can help you to support your hair health.
  • Condition your hair: Using a hydrating conditioner regularly helps to prevent damage. There are many types of conditioners from hair masks to serums and oils. This hydration helps to repair the strands and smooth the hair follicles.
  • Use hair growth treatments: There are medications and surgical procedures that grow hair including Minoxidil and hair transplants. These treatments can grow long hair where there was previously baldness.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling: Using excessive heat on your hair causes damage which leads to frizz and hair loss. Try to minimise the frequent use of hot tools for styling your hair, lower the temperature (if possible) and always use a heat protectant to guard the outer layer of your hair.
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase: Silk pillowcases are more gentle on the hair strands than cotton or polyester helping to avoid tangles and breakage. They also prevent nutrients from treatments from being absorbed by the pillowcase instead of your hair.
  • Try scalp massages: With a head massage hair loss can be slowed as it helps to grow your hair longer by stimulating the hair follicles. When they’re stimulated hair growth is boosted. You can try massaging your scalp in the shower while you’re applying conditioner.

How can you grow long hair quickly at home?

how can men grow long hair

There are many at home treatments that can be used to help your to continue growing faster. Oil treatments are some of the best treatments to grow long hair.

They’re best used when left in the hair for a few hours or overnight to allow the benefits to absorb into the scalp and strands. Effective at-home treatments to grow long hair include oil treatments and hair masks

Which oil is best for hair?

Choosing the right oil for your hair can be a case of trial and error to find what works best for your hair type. Choosing the right oil will nourish your roots as well as help your hair grow faster and thicker. Find out what the best oils are for hair growth.

How to make long hair thicker naturally

As well as lengthening your hair at home, you can also thicken the strands. Proper nutrition will help you achieve this by stimulating blood flow and therefore the growth of thicker and longer strands.

You can also thicken existing strands by applying natural treatments to the hair. Eggs, avocado, aloe vera, are castor oil are some of the most beneficial products to make hair thicker naturally. These types of natural products are rich in fatty acids which penetrate the hair shaft, making it stronger.

Which vitamin is best for hair?

One of the best ways how to grow long hair is to nourish the hair from within. This includes consuming the right foods, especially food rich in fatty acids, as part of a balanced diet. In addition to taking vitamin supplements to get a boost. There’s no single best vitamin that helps hair growth, but here you’ll get an overview of the most common vitamins for hair growth.

Have you tried Dr. Balwi’s hair care products ?

Thanks to a unique combination of ingredients your hair receives the essential nutrients that nourish the roots and hair, and prevent their loss. Our shampoos and sprays are highly concentrated in aloe vera and biotin. In addition unlike ordinary hair care products, ours tackle the problem at the root. Because a stronger and vitalised scalp produces resistant and, of course, healthy hair!

Can hair regrow on a bald area?

If you’re experiencing baldness or bald patches you may be wondering how to grow back hair from these bald spots. Hair can grow back on bald patches with treatment, such as topical creams like Minoxidil, or with a hair transplant. With hair transplants, hair follicles are placed in the areas of baldness to regrow long hair in those bald patches.

Topical treatments and hair transplants start to work immediately. Although for the first few months, you may not see any sudden results.

It takes approximately 12 months before you see the final results of a hair transplant. However, you’ll see the hair growing more and more within the first few months after treatment.

A hair transplant is the only one-time, long-term solution to hair loss compared to topical creams. This is because you need to apply them daily in order to continue to see the results. So if you’re looking for a one-off solution for how to grow long hair from baldness, a hair transplant is the best solution.


If you’re wondering how to grow long hair your first steps should involve looking at your daily hair care routine. From oil treatments and scalp massages to dietary changes and vitamin supplements there are easy, actionable steps that can be taken to improving the length of your hair.

When it comes to regrowing long hair from a bald spot or thinning patch there are medical treatments which can help with growth. For a long term solution, contact one of our specialists to see how a hair transplant can help to provide satisfying long term results.

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