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Is it possible to make a hair transplant during the summer?

Alopecia and the worries that ensues leads many people to wonder about the possibility of a hair transplant. Many patients hesitate regarding the right time for a hair surgery. Is it best to proceed during the summer or the winter seasons?

In this article we want to give you a detailed overview about the most appropriate season. We will also tell you what needs to be considered.


  1. Is a hair transplant possible in the sunny months ?
  2. The advantages of doing a hair implants in the summer
  3. What are the things to consider for a hair transplant procedure in the summer ?
  4. What about the winter season ?
  5. What is the most suitable season for hair transplant?
  6. Conclusion: the best time for a hair transplant is when you are ready for it

Is a hair transplant possible in the sunny months?

As a rule a hair transplant is possible even in the summer. Actually hair growth is a little bit stronger during the hot season. In addition with the high temperatures, the regeneration time of the skin decreases. Blood circulation in the head is also higher than in the cold season.

In the northern hemisphere the temperatures are relatively mild, even during the summer. A hair transplant during these months is totally faisable as long as you are in a temperate place. Although direct exposure to the sun must be avoided in case of a heat wave.

As you may have understood, hair surgery is not recommended during this time of year. Especially in countries known to have very hot summers. Because too much heat will impede the healing process following a hair implantation.

In general, grafts heals relatively quickly after a surgery. Due to the nature of the operation you should wait at least three weeks before exposing your scalp to the sunlight.

The advantages of doing a hair implants in the summer

Performing a hair transplant in the summer allows to combine holiday and surgery, especially if you do it in Turkey.

You can stay a few more days and spend some quality time in the beautiful country of the Bosphorus. You can relax before and after the hair surgery and, for example, discover the city of Istanbul.

In addition, the hair grows even faster during the hot months of the year. However, you will have to protect the receiving area from UV rays. Wearing a hat is the most simple solution to ensure a quick healing phase.

A summer hair transplant will not cause any complications if you follow the doctor’s instructions during the postoperative timeframe.

Hair transplant in the summer - ishing Hat head band

What are the things to consider for a hair transplant procedure in the summer?

Avoiding direct sunlight after a hair surgery in the summer should be a priority. Especially during the first 15. So making sure that your scalp isn’t exposed to ultraviolet light should be your first concern. You can easily do so by wearing a light hat.

Should the temperatures be too high, be sure to stay in cooler areas. At least for the first few days after the hair transplant. Sea water should also be avoided, as the salt really hurts the hair transplant recovery process.

You can go back to your capillary routines two weeks after a hair implantation. Going for a hair surgery in the summer months will make the final result visible in the following winter. The scalp needs to recover so your transplanted hair can return to its natural cycle.

After about three to four months, hair growth starts again naturally. So opting to do a hair transplant during the summer will make you start the next year with new dense hair.

What about the winter season?

Even in the coldest months of the year a treatment is just as feasible as during the hot season. Follow the doctor’s post operative instructions is also important with a hair transplant during the winter.

You should avoid wearing a headgear that is too tight after a hair transplant in the winter. Especially since new hair follicles should not be in close contact to fabrics.

It is therefore advisable not to use hats or caps that are too tight. At Elithairtransplant we always provide our patients with an adequate head cover.

Hair transplant in the summer Elithairtransplant

What is the most suitable season for hair transplant?

There is no optimal season for making hair implants. A surgery is indeed possible in both the summer and winter seasons. The ideal time for a transplant is actually when you feel ready to undergo this procedure. Especially since stress should be avoided at all cost.

Capillary surgery is, as its name suggests, an operative procedure. For this reason, having a professional follow up is particularly important. Professional counselling always ensures a natural and successful end result.

Conclusion: the best time for a hair transplant is when you are ready for it

Each season has its advantages and disadvantages. As stated earlier the best time for your hair transplant surgery is when you feel ready.

For a successful treatment in all seasons, it is important that you follow the doctor’s instructions. By following these recommendations, you can expect the best natural end result. If you decide for the summer, you can then easily combine hair transplant and vacation.

However, you should take extra care in order to protect your scalp from direct sunlight following a surgery. You must always choose the period for a hair surgery that best fits you.

Therefore feeling mentally and physically prepared for this intervention is more important than the season.

Our advisors will give you more information about our services. At Elithairtransplant will also offer a free, non-binding capillary assessment. So contact us now and benefit from Dr. Balwi’s experience for a successful hair transplant in Turkey!

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