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Can hair dye cause hair loss?

Dyeing hair has become a fashion symbol over the past years. People like to change the natural color of hair, as it looks more attractive. There is another factor for dyeing hair as well. As you start to age your hair loses their natural color and turn grey and it is impossible to avoid it.

Some people open-heartedly accept the natural grey hair, while others tend to die them. But can these hair dyes cause hair loss ?

Why is hair dyeing bad for your hair?

In short hair dyes contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and many other chemicals that can lead to problems like hair loss. They penetrate the hair and damage their outer layer, causing severe breakage.

Both permanent and temporary hair dyes contain harsh chemicals. If you want to dye your hair without any damaging effects or hair loss, you must select the dyes containing natural ingredients. Chemicals in dyes damage your hair structure and causing frizzy, dry and brittle strands.

How does hair dye cause hair loss?

There are different ways through which hair dyes can damage and weaken your hair shafts. The main culprits are the bleaching agents and harsh chemicals in the dyes.

Furthermore, the more times you use these dyes, the worse the condition of your hair becomes. The continuous application of these chemicals causes your hair to become brittle and fall out.

Ammonia In Hair Dyes:

The cuticle is the outer layer of hair that protects the hair from damage; it is like the bark of the tress. The ammonia in hair dyes penetrates or lifts the cuticle to raise the pH level of the hair.

Your hair is damaged the very moment your hair is exposed to ammonia because the cuticle is not meant to be damaged or penetrated. The only purpose of ammonia in these dyes is to break the cuticle. The uplift of the cuticle can lead to hair loss that is caused by hair breakage.

Use Of Peroxides:

After the cuticle is lifted, it’s time to dye your hair. The hydrogen peroxide in the hair dyes are used to give the desired color to your hair. The peroxide stays on your hair until the dye penetrates the hair shaft.

Peroxides in dyes leave your hair dry and frizzy making them prone to damage. The longer the ammonia and peroxide stays on your hair, the more your hair weakens.

Your hair shafts become weak which results in hair loss. The hair loss may be temporary at the beginning but if the hair is not treated properly, it can lead to permanent hair loss. Once you rinse off the dye from hair the cuticle comes back but it’s later now as your hair already is damaged.

Please note that your hair is not going to react well to the chemicals in the hair dyes, it may dry out. The dried hair will result in dry hair roots, which will result in hair loss. Apart from that, the continuous combing and washing of hair will weaken hair. You will lose a lot of hair during this stretching and combing of hair.

A brief overview of the hair’s structure:

Your hair is a part of your personality, you should thus treat it with extreme care and follow a proper hair care routine. The hair structure consists of three layers, outer layer (cuticle), middle layer (cortex) and the inner layer (medulla).

The outer layer cuticle is the protective layer of hair, the cortex provides moisture and texture to the hair and the medulla is the innermost layer. However. it might be absent in light hair (blonde hair).

Do temporary and permanent hair dyes cause hair loss?

There are two types of hair dyes, temporary hair dyes, and permanent hair dyes. But the question is do both cause hair loss and damage your hair?

Temporary Hair Dyes:

Temporary hair dyes are also known as semi-permanent hair dyes. These dyes will give your hair a natural look. These colours will not lighten the shade of your natural hair, as they do not contain any bleaching agents.

The effect of these dyes will last up to 6 weeks maximum and after that, the colour on hair will start to fade away.These dyes wash away sometimes, which means the temporary dyes need to be reapplied after 2 months.

However, they don’t cause much hair loss and are less damaging, but frequently applying these dyes without giving your hair a break can lead to alopecia at a minor level.

Permanent Hair Dyes:

Permanent hair dyes are far more damaging than semi-permanent hair dyes. These dyes use ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to lift the colour of your hair.

The peroxide within these dyes damages the hair shafts and breaks the keratin structure present in the cuticle to give your hair the desired colour.If your hair is naturally dark in colour and you bleach it to make it blonde, then your hair will experience severe damage that might be irreparable.

The hair will become weak and it will break which will result in alopecia, the hair loss might be temporary but it will take time for the hair to regrow.

Alopecia that occurs due to hair breakage is temporary but if these chemical-infused dyes touch the roots of your hair then you might lose your telogen hair. The frequent use of permanent or temporary hair dyes will result in hair thinning and frequent hair loss.

What are the alternative methods for dyeing hair?

It is normal if you lose 50 – 100 hair strands a day but if the number increases, you need to adopt some alternative ways to dye your hair. The alternate methods that won’t let your hair fall includes the following things:

  • You can use the dyes that have natural ingredients in them
  • Ammonia free dyes are also available on the market and won’t cause any damage to your hair, therefore there won’t be any hair loss
  • You can also apply henna to your hair, but it is only going to give your hair a darker shade

Even using the alternative methods you need to keep your hair moisturised and trim it regularly to have strong and healthy hair.

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Thanks to a unique combination of ingredients your hair receives the essential nutrients that nourish the roots and hair, and prevent their loss. Our shampoos and sprays are concentrated in Biotin. In addition unlike ordinary hair care products, ours tackle the problem at the root. Because a stronger and vitalised scalp produces more resistant and, of course, more silky hair!

Conclusion: chemical hair dyes cause hair loss and should be avoided

Hair dyes contain a large number of chemicals in them that can lead to alopecia or damaged hair. The ammonia and peroxide present in hair dyes leave hazardous results to your hair by making your hair shafts thin and porous.

The hair strands become weak when they are exposed to ammonia, the higher the levels of ammonia in hair dyes, the higher is the risk of getting damaged and thin hair. If you are going to use hair dyes, select the ones that are ammonia-free or have natural ingredients in them.

Don’t use hair dyes frequently as they will result in male and female baldness pattern issues. Trim your hair ends after every two months, use conditioners regularly to keep your hair moisturized because dying hair can result in dry breakable hair.

Do you have more questions or are you looking for a permanent solution to your hair loss? Then feel free to to contact our friendly team that will answer all your queries. Furthermore they can also offer a free and non binding hair analysis!

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